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This series of posts will focus on makes from other independent pattern companies.  We are so excited about all the unique indie designers out there.  Amity and I both have a slew of patterns in our stashes from these great companies.   We’re not just collecting these and ogling at them, though that happens often.  We’ve actually found time to sew up some of these!

My latest indie intrigue is from Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick Patterns.  The line is especially made for petites.  Can you see I’m jumping with joy?  No?  Look down.  LOL.  A little bit of short people humor.

Lolita Patterns | We <3 Indies!

In all seriousness, modifying a pattern for a petite proportion is a lot of work.  Shortening the length between the shoulders and the bust causes all sorts of problems with the sleeve and neck line.  Don’t get me started on those regular necklines that look like plunging necklines on my petite body.  What about those regular rise pants that look like old man pants hiked up to under my boobs?  If I continue, I’ll have to uncork my favorite bottle of Moscato to get my blood pressure down.

Lolita Patterns | We <3 Indies!

Since this is my first time trying Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick pattern and there aren’t too many pattern reviews yet on PR, I didn’t know what to expect.  Good thing they have a free pattern so I can try them with little risk.  It doesn’t hurt that I also used some gifted fabric from Cindy of Cation Designs.  The Tonic t-shirt is free to download as a PDF.

Lolita Patterns | We <3 Indies!

Just a watch out the taping the pages, don’t trim the pages to the print area.  I did this with the first few pages and the lines didn’t match.  The pages are meant to align edge to edge with gaps in the printed lines according to your printers print margins.

Lolita Patterns | We <3 Indies!

I picked my size by my usual technique of wrapping the knit fabric around my bust, waist and hips to find my finished garment measurement.  This takes out the guessing game that comes with variable stretchiness of knits.  From this I determined that I was an x-small bust and waist.  I’m pear shaped so I needed a medium/large for the hips.

Lolita Patterns | We <3 Indies!

Lolita Patterns | We <3 Indies!

I did a quick “tissue” fit and decided the pattern was good enough to cut.  It’s a t-shirt so I wasn’t too finicky about doing all my usual fit adjustments.

Lolita Patterns | We <3 Indies!

The construction of the t-shirt neck trim is very interesting and different than I have seen in with other patterns.  It’s very quick and easy to get right the first time.  The notches matched up nicely.  The fit was amazing out of the box err printer.

Lolita Patterns | We <3 Indies!

Lookie!  No large, drooping armholes that restricts my movement.  No scandalous necklines to attract a different kind of ogling.  No t-shirts masquerading as a dress.  I’m definitely making more Tonic t-shirts and giving their other patterns a try.  I’m so glad to have found this line.  That’s it for this We <3 Indies post.

You can find the pattern review for this pattern by clicking here.

Next up: Amity will be revealing her fabulous Minoru.


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  8 Responses to “We <3 Indies! -- SBCC Tonic”

  1. What a genius way to check the fit by wrapping your fabric around you! So simple, so brilliant. Love it!

    • Thanks Gillian. I’m not bright enough to do all the math involved in measuring my body, calculating the ease and figuring out how many sizes to go down. Wrapping the fabric is as much as my mind can really handle. :)

  2. Never thought to wrap and measure but I am definitely going to try that. I only recently tried sewing with knits so I am still learning how to calculate what the stretch will do and your idea seems to be both logical and easy!

    • Congratulations on your adventures in knits. I love knits; 95% of my stash are knits. Let us know how it goes.

  3. Dang, you are so smart Nhi. Never, ever thought to wrap fabric around me for finished pattern measurements. Duh!

  4. That is a very clever way to determine sizing – wish I’d known of that earlier, LOL! I also appreciate the tips on how to line up the edges. That will make the pattern taping go together MUCH faster!

    • Thanks June. I’m glad my taping missteps will save others some time. Are you going to sew up the Tonic tee?

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