Nov 192013

I wanted to show you pictures of some tester versions so you could see all the different ways this pattern can look. When this pattern first went out for testing, many people said “ruffles are not really for me.” I said “Great! No problem! Leave them off…it still looks great!”  Here is the thing: This pattern looks amazing without ruffles, with ruffles, with some ruffles, any way you can think it!  The pattern is all knit and extremely comfortable and all the pieces are very shaped to give a great fit, so you can make it into a basic as well as a dress for going out. Here are some pictures to help show you how versatile this pattern can really be!

  Lolita Patterns | Gunmetal by The Hobby Harbor

This Gunmetal was made by Diya from The Hobby Harbor. She posted many pictures and information on her blog post. She really made this pattern her own. She left off all the ruffles and made a higher, squared neckline. I love the way this turned out. In addition, she made her peplum asymmetrical for some added pizzazz.

Lolita Patterns | Gunmetal by The Hobby Harbor

Check out that hemline! Bonus? She wrote a tutorial on how she made this hemline so anyone can make it! Her tutorial can be found at this link on her blog.

Lolita Patterns | Gunmetal

Here is another version made out of a ponte. If using a ponte, make sure you definitely size up as this pattern is made to be used with stretchy jerseys. A ponte has minimal stretch and can be used, I just want to warn that you should take the lack of stretch into account when choosing which size to make. This version has such contrasting fabrics that it really stands out. She added some length to the hemline so that she could wear it to work. Doesn’t it look fabulous?

Lolita Patterns | Gunmetal

This beautiful Gunmetal was made by Kate who blogs over at Sewing for Sanity. To see her blog post on her this Gunmetal, click here. I love this version so much because it uses neutral fabrics. I use such bright and crazy contrasting colors all the time, I never think about neutrals other than black and white. This version really opened up my eyes as it looks gorgeous in this neutral. I may or may not have picked up some neutral colored fabrics for another Gunmetal for myself….

I hope these few versions have helped show you all the different ways this pattern can be used. In addition, there have been some great versions out there by The Seeds of 3, Seamstress Erin, and Mouse in My Pocket. Have you seen them?  Their versions are also beautiful and really made to work with their own personal style. Definitely check out their posts because they are also hosting giveaways of Gunmetal! You can win a copy of your very own so click over to their site and enter!

Stick around because there may be more giveaways to announce and more Gunmetals to see…..

If you want your own version of Gunmetal, you can grab it in the shop! Make sure to use code gun15metal to get 15% off the physical pattern and the physical pattern + d-rings until the end of November 27th!

amity bow | Lolita Patterns

  6 Responses to “The Versatility of Gunmetal”

  1. After seeing all these beautiful versions I have decided it is high time to get myself this pattern as well.
    love what Diya did with it gives me some ideas on what I could do with mine. And the discount helps a lot :)
    Thanks Amity :)

    • I know you will come up with a gorgeous version of Gunmetal. Your Sugar Plum is already coming along nicely! I’m excited to see how you make Gunmetal your own style :)

  2. I love all the versions. Did I miss out on the dates. WHen is the sew along for Gunmatal Amity ?

  3. Hi Amity
    Thank you so much for the chance to test this pattern! Although I am not a “lolita goth” style girl I can definitely see soo many options in this pattern and I think its really well drafted (in TWO size ranges!) as well :) As its warming up down here in OZ I’m thinking maybe a sleeveless version (hubby thought it looked GREAT even before I added the sleeves lol) might be an option, or maybe a slinky style dress with the lovely gathered rutching as a feature. What do you think?
    Can’t wait to see what you design next!
    Kate :)

    • I think both of those sound gorgeous! A slinky style dress—yes please! And sleeveless is such a great idea! I never even thought of it…well especially not know as we are getting a little chilly up here but for hot weather, it would be fantastic!

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