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First off, thank you all so much for responding about being a tester for Sugar Plum. We are still compiling all the information and organizing which sizes are still needed, etc and will get back to all of you soon. But it seems like I was not very clear about what kind of garment Sugar Plum is. It is the dress I am wearing in the picture on the previous post.

#3013 Sugar Plum

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Sugar Plum is a dress. The top part is a woven, but the skirt is a ponte or doubleknit for comfort when sitting all day at the office, or courtroom, or car. This garment is so much fun to wear because it looks so professional, yet is still comfortable. This pattern has been through all kinds of testing by Nhi and myself and the wearability factor is extremely high!  You can see based on the above line drawing that the pattern will offer two different views, for those who love their flounces, and for those who don’t. The fun thing about this pattern is its versatility. You can see that when I add a blazer, it looks like I am wearing a three piece suit! It also looks like a blouse and skirt combination….but without the hassle of finding matching pieces in the morning. It is quick and easy to just throw on a dress. It is so easy when I wear one of my Sugar Plum’s to work.

The fabrics we recommend for the top portion are lightweight wovens such as chiffon, georgette, challis, batiste, and lawn. For the bottom portion we recommend stable knits such as ponteroma and doubleknits.

I hope this clears up any confusion. After a cursory glance at the results as they come in, it looks like we still need volunteers for the larger sizes. I will know for sure after tallying up all the responses.  Thanks again for the welcoming response!

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  2. It’s a gorgeous dress.

  3. A dress! Even better:)

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