Mar 092014

Edited to Add:  Apparently I never pressed publish so now this post is a little behind since Sew Grateful Week is over but I still love the Sew Grateful sentiment so I’m publishing anyway!

Sew Grateful Week continues! Today is the day to showcase a sewing project. This make combines several themes! It was made with a gifted pattern, Jalie 2921, and I also originally made it up to match with Project Sewn’s shoe inspiration challenge. But of course, I didn’t get it photographed in time so I figured it would be perfect for Sew Grateful!

Lolita Patterns | Jalie 2921

I was given this pattern quite some time ago and I loved it from long before then! I don’t know what took me so long..this is such a quick sew! It is only 4 pattern pieces. I made the smallest adult size, R, and extended under the arms out to size S. I have a broad ribcage and regularly add at the underarm on patterns. A quick check of the measurements showed that this would be a tiny bit too big, but since my fabric was only slightly stretchy, I figured it would work well. And it did….except for the sleeves. I couldn’t even get my arms in them! So I cut off the sleeves and re did them in the black trim fabric which is much stretchier. It is a black matte jersey that I buy in bulk and use all the time. My favorite!

Lolita Patterns | Jalie 2921

I had originally planned on doing all the hem bands and scarf collar in the black, but when I had to switch the sleeves to the black fabric, I switched the sleeve band to the yellow lace. It is a little itchy on my arm since the cuff is double layered and the lace rubs on my arm.

Lolita Patterns | Jalie 2921

Lolita Patterns | Jalie 2921

How great is this fabric?!? It matches my shoes absolutely perfectly! I have had these shoes for years, they are Colin Stuart from Victorias Secret. Yellow is my favorite color and I love lace (hello? Every single Gunmetal I’ve made!)  so the black lace yellow pumps were a no brainer!  When I was in London in November, I went to Walthamstow market with Simona and saw this fabric hanging in one of the stalls….I bought it immediately!

Lolita Patterns | Jalie 2921

I actually had another make I made for the Project Sewn Shoe Challenge that I didn’t get photographed. It involves shoes given to me by the awesome Leila!  I’ll post it soon. I also have my Sewcialist Blue February post to do…even though February is over. I’m slightly behind! I did post a sneak peek of my Blue February make over on my Instagram though so if you follow me there, you already caught a glimpse!

amity bow | Lolita Patterns

Feb 242014

Last year we participated in My Happy Sewing Place‘s Sew Grateful week where the sewing community can show their gratitude to everyone that supports us in our sewing endeavors. We had a great time participating last year and we saved our Spearmint themed Giveaway specifically for this years post!

This giveaway celebrates both Sew Grateful Week as well as the release of our Spearmint coat pattern back in December. This pattern has been really popular and there are many fantastic versions around the web. I have compiled many Spearmints from around the web on this Pinterest board here. They all look so gorgeous! This giveaway also coincides with the group sew-along we have going on right now. We are smack dab in the middle of sewing up Spearmint as a group on the blog. You can check out the sew-along page with all the links.

This not only goes with the Sew Grateful theme, it also goes along with our pattern themed giveaways! We have done one for every pattern we released and it is such a blast shopping for the color themed giveaways. Let’s see what the goodies are!

Lolita Patterns | Spearmint Giveaway

1. Spearmint colored buttons

2. Gorgeous gingham checked eyelet fabric

3. Fun stationery

4. Spearmint flavored Doublemint gum

5. Spearmint flavored Trident gum

6. Spearmint flavored Orbit gum

7. Sally Hansen nail polish in Mint Sorbet (not available if international winner since nail polish can only be shipped ground)

8. Spearmint colored ribbon with pink polka dots

9. Spearmint colored Coats and Clark thread

10. Spearmint colored Jordana eyeliner

11. Spearmint colored rose Amity Originals earrings

12. Spearmint colored Sharpie marker

13. The Spearmint pattern itself!

14. Sparkly spearmint colored fold over elastic

15. Shades of spearmint eyeshadow set

16. Spearmint Chapstick

17. Spearmint colored crepe knit fabric (awesome texture!)

18. Spearmint colored zipper

Whew! 18 pretty goodies!

To enter:

– Follow the blog (through wordpress or bloglovin’) and leave a comment on this post.

The following are optional (for more chances to win!):

– Like us on Facebook for an extra entry and let me know in the comments.

– Follow on Twitter for an extra entry and let me know in the comments.

– Follow on Pinterest for an extra entry and let me know in the comments.

– Follow on Instagram for an extra entry and let me know in the comments.

Here is the fine print: This giveaway is open to everyone everywhere! (One problem: If the winner is outside the continental U.S., I can’t include the nail polish because it has to be sent by ground shipping.) This giveaway will be open until midnight Pacific Time on March 3rd. Good luck!


amity bow | Lolita Patterns

Feb 212013

It is time to announce the winner of the Fuchsia Giveaway! Since it worked so well for the giveaway on Amity Originals, I decided to use Pumpkin, one of my dogs, to pick the winner again. Pumpkin’s favoritest toy in the whole world is paper! She loves any kind of paper–paper towels, tissue, toilet paper rolls–anything! So I printed out and cut up all the comments and put them in her bowl. (I custom made the bowl on

Lolita Patterns | Fuchsia Giveaway | 1

Lolita Patterns | Fuchsia Giveaway | 2

Then I got Pumpkin and the bowl together.

Lolita Patterns | Fuchsia Giveaway | 3

Then she looked at me to find out what I needed.

Lolita Patterns | Fuchsia Giveaway | 4

What do I do mama?

She is being so good not just jumping in after the “toys”.

Lolita Patterns | Fuchsia Giveaway | 5

Here I go!

Lolita Patterns | Fuchsia Giveaway | 6

This is an important job…I better lay down and check these more closely

Lolita Patterns | Fuchsia Giveaway | 7

And we have a winner! Sorry about the slobber mama…but I’m a Bloodhound…I can’t help it!

Lolita Patterns | Fuchsia Giveaway | 8

And the winner is Javie!!  She has a wonderful blog, dashingmarmot where she chronicles about her sewing and cooking.

Her comment for the giveaway: “Just found this blog via Debi’s site. Good luck with the pattern launch! I am sew grateful to find people that share my passions in the interwebs. The fuchsia giveaway is awesome!”

Thank you Javie!! Please contact us with your address so we can send your fuchsia goodness along! Thank you all for entering…keep your eyes peeled…we just might do this with every pattern launch….

amity bow

Feb 072013

The final post of Sew Grateful Week is posting a project that shows our gratitude by using the presents and kindness we have received. You can use fabric or an item that was given to you, something you won in a giveaway, anything you made from a tutorial or pattern given away online, etc. For my personal sew grateful project, I am using a pattern that was given to me as a gift. It is a well known pattern in the online sewing community, Colette Patterns Beignet skirt.
















I used a wonderful piece of stash fabric that was found at Joann’s of all places. I bought it at least 5 years ago. It was a denim fabric with embroidery and sequins on it that had a rainbow feel to it. I felt that the natural thing to do would be to continue the rainbow theme with the buttons and top stitching!


Button closeup


Rainbow topstitching and fabric closeup


The pattern and lining pieces fit together perfectly and the instructions are wonderfully detailed. The sewing of this project was a dream.  The only problem I had was it was too long for me. It came to the middle of my knees which is a terribly unflattering length for me. But of course I decided to sew on all the buttons and everything before realizing I should shorten it. So I took the lining and facing pieces apart and re-sewed every button! This was because I had started with a white button when it was the full length, but when I shortened it, it became one button less. And in order to keep my rainbow order, I removed the white, so every button had to be moved up one buttonhole!

For the eagle eyed among you, these buttons are the same as the custom earrings in our Fuchsia Giveaway. I made them into buttons by ordering button shanks and gluing them to the back using E-6000 glue.


Pockets and bow belt closeup


Instead of using the pattern pieces for the belt, I used Tilly’s bow belt tutorial. I think it turned out so cute! Unfortunately  I don’t think I am in love with this version. I still love the pattern, but I need to modify the hip curve. Right now, the curve of the hips is far too low for my hips and it makes the pockets bulge. As soon as I modify the curve, I think this could be a great staple piece. I plan on modifying it on this piece because I just love the rainbow fabric, buttons, and stitching so much! Am I being too critical? Can you see what I am talking about?






The last thing I wanted to let you all know was that I made the belt loops 100% on my serger. I do a lot of unusual things on my serger and am willing to share if there is any interest. One note: I use the coverstitch function of my serger for this so it will only work if your serger has this capability, or if you use a coverstitch machine.  If you want to know how to make the belt loops on your serger, it is very simple and I would be happy to do a tutorial if you want. I use the belt loop attachment. The belt loops can be made in the time it takes to stitch one coverstitch through the serger!

Our Fuchsia themed giveaway for our first pattern is still open. Go here to enter!

Don’t forget that our first pattern, Fuchsia, was just released and it is free!!!  Go ahead and grab it right now in the shop!

amity bow

Fuchsia Pattern Release

 Pattern  Comments Off on Fuchsia Pattern Release
Feb 052013
It’s here! The sharing part of Sew Grateful Week! We have an extra special treat for you today….Lolita Patterns first pattern! Fuchsia is the skirt you can wear for both work and play. This three tiered gathered skirt has a modern silhouette and flirty scallops for a sweet lolita twist. It is fully lined and has a curved waistband that flatters all figure types. Fuchsia also features an invisible side zipper to keep the beautiful line of the scallops perfectly smooth.  This versatile pattern has many variations built in with several fabric options. Sew two tiers or just one tier; add more gathers, use less gathers. It is all up to you!
Fuchsia Collage-Nhi
Many of you have already seen Nhi’s versions as entered in Pattern Review’s One Pattern Many Looks Contest. Mine will be debuted this weekend as well as a couple other versions you have not seen yet. This is all gearing up to a Fuchsia Sew-Along that starts on February 11th. Go ahead and grab your badge in the sidebar.
Our first release is 100% free and will only be released in PDF version. Future patterns will be released in hard copy and will also be released in pdf if the demand is there. So let us know! You can get the Fuchsia right now in the shop. Just a couple notes in case you decide to go ahead and start before the sew-along. On the pattern, the dotted line for the scallops is a STITCHING line–not a cutting line. The cutting lines are essentially long rectangles. If you are not sure, just wait and join us in the Sew-Along and ask questions and post pictures to the Fuchsia Flickr Group as we go along. Anyone can make this skirt and we are here to help!
Go grab the skirt, join the Flickr group and get the badge! We will start the pattern on Monday!
Feb 052013

At Lolita Patterns we’re joining in on all the Sew Grateful week festivities.  So for today, we’ll be posting about what the online sewing community means to us.

First of all, without the online sewing community, Amity and I may have never met and there would not be a Lolita Patterns.  What are the chances of two ladies living in the second largest metropolitan area in the US crossing paths, becoming friends and now business partners?  Slim to none, if it weren’t for the online sewing community.

Sandra, Jill, Amity, and Nhi at ETA California

We also credit our great wealth of drafting, construction and fabric knowledge to the many other sewers and independent pattern makers who been generous enough to share their tricks and tips, successes, UFOs and occasional wadders.  We love lurking, laughing and learning from all the wonderful sewists from around the world.  We have used every bit of what we’ve learned in starting our business and will continue to do so.

KC, Amity, and Nhi shopping in Fashion District

On a personal note, I’m grateful to have converted a handful of online sewing buddies to real life.  From Promaballoona, to several fabric buying trips, to a handful of sew-ins, to a sewing expo, I’ve never laughed so much and got so little done.

Nhi, Sandra, Amity, and Jill at Promaballoona

Nhi, Sandra, Amity, and Jill at Promaballoona

We are sew grateful to be a part of this community and hope we can give back by bringing the community another great indie pattern company for sewists to choose from.

We are also giving back in the form of our Sew Grateful week giveaway.  Don’t forget to enter!

And stay tuned for tomorrow where we will continue Sew Grateful week with Sharing Day. Guess what we will be sharing?  Our first pattern!! You don’t want to miss that.

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Feb 042013

Every year, My Happy Sewing Place hosts a week where the sewing community can show their gratitude to everyone that supports us in our sewing endeavors. This is a particularly meaningful week for us this year because all your support led us to start Lolita Patterns! We have some great posts for this years Sew Grateful week and it starts with today’s giveaway!

In honor of our first pattern, Fuchsia, being released this week, we decided to do something a little different for this giveaway. This is the Fuchsia giveaway and consists of all things fuchsia!  (Could this be the start of a themed giveaway for every pattern??…hmmm….) We have scoured all ends of the earth to find you the very best in all things fuchsia as well as a few lolita inspired items. And we succeeded. This giveaway is good! Want to see?

fuchsia giveaway Clockwise from top left:

  1. A fuchsia Lolita Patterns button
  2. Smashbox blush in Radiance which their website calls a “bright fuchsia”
  3. Custom made fuchsia rose (very lolita) earrings by AmityOriginals (my etsy store)
  4. Neon pink thread, Coats & Clark Dual Duty XP (I think neon pink is the color fuchsia would be if it was neon-ized)
  5. Hand dyed by me fuchsia houndstooth rayon suiting fabric (I made my dress for Promaballoona out of this fabric!)
  6. Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick The Vivids in Fuchsia Flash
  7. Fuchsia hair elastics
  8. Six fuchsia buttons
  9. Sparkly false eyelashes, including bottom lashes–a very lolita-esque look
  10. Milani Jewel FX nail lacquer in color Fuchsia
  11. Fuchsia skinny belt

What do you think?  Enough fuchsia for our celebration? We love the online sewing community and want to show you all how much! The support and inspiration we draw from all of you is incredible!

If you want to enter to win our Fuchsia giveaway, just leave a comment on this post telling us what you are “sew grateful” for in your sewing. We will ship anywhere in the world so anyone and everyone is free to enter. This giveaway will be open until Valentines Day, February 14th.

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! Thank you for entering!

Our first pattern is being released this week and the sew-along starts next week! You can find the materials list and fabric requirements for imperial measurements here, and metric measurements here. We hope to have you join us!

To make sure you don’t miss a thing, please like us on Facebook, follow us on Pinterest, join our mailing list, follow the blog, find us on twitter, or any other social media you want! We would love to have you with us on our exciting new journey.

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