Jul 122013

For the past couple of months Amity and I have been up to our eyeballs sewing many Sugar Plums for in our sample sizes.  Unfortunately we are not our sample size 8 or 16 so we can’t actually wear these garments.  I finally got a chance to sew a Sugar Plum for myself.  I decided on a casual version that I can wear to the office on casual Fridays or our offices that are business casual.

Lolita Patterns | Casual Friday Sugar Plum

For the bodice I used a super fray-y poly chiffon in a yellow with white polka dots from ML Loft.  Since the polka dots are large, I went with version B which doesn’t have the flounces.  The loose weave of the fabric caused some challenges which we’ll address in the Sugar Plum sew-along.  The lining and buttons were from JoAnn’s.

Lolita Patterns | Casual Friday Sugar Plum

For the skirt I used a dark blue jegging denim fabric from JoAnn’s.  I’ve made this dress and these pants from this fabric and really love it.  I dusted off the set of cams for my Elna Carina and decided this triangle stitch would be just the look I wanted.  I used the decorative topstitch down the seams in hopes of making me look taller.  Did it work?  I also thought about doing a yellow bias trim in the seam but thought it would look too casual for the office.

 Lolita Patterns | Casual Friday Sugar Plum

There’s lots about the construction I would like to write about but that’ll have to wait for the sew-along.  In the upcoming weeks we’ll be writing a few more posts in the Sew That’s Why series and  keeping you posted on the upcoming pattern release.  For now here are some more pics of my Casual Friday Sugar Plum.

Lolita Patterns | Casual Friday Sugar Plum

Lolita Patterns | Casual Friday Sugar Plum

Lolita Patterns | Casual Friday Sugar Plum

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  16 Responses to “Sugar Plum for Casual Fridays”

  1. Lovely, Nhi!
    The colors are great and the topstitch adds fashion to your Sugar Plum!
    Good choices!


    • Thanks MammaNene. I had this dress cut out months ago and never found time to sew it up. I was amazed at how fast you and the other testers were able to sew up the pattern. Can’t wait to who the world your wonderful version.

  2. I LOVE Sugar Plum! Every one I’ve seen so far has been super adorable… especially this one. I love the extra stitching, too.

    • Aw thanks. I can’t take credit for the other Sugar Plums but I agree, they’re all super adorable. Is there one in your future?

      • I was all bloaty and feeling whale-ish when I visited Amity last, but I plan to try one on and either steal one or have one made 😉

  3. So pretty! I like very much that you used fabrics that are easy to purchase. This looks like an entirely different dress style and really shows the versatility of the pattern. I really like the idea of bias term piping on the skirt! Now I can’t decide if I want a dressy suit version or a fun casual version. Okay both. Yes, that long line of stitching does visually add length to your profile. You and the dress are both lovely.

  4. Sorry, autocorrect changed trim to term.

  5. Yes, you look taller! Seriously, love this version, looks great on you, Nhi!

    • Thanks Jill. I see my fishing for compliments has paid off. Occupational hazard of being only 5 foot tall.

  6. I like this version as much as the others. Can’t wait to get my hands on this pattern!

    • Thanks Jeri! We can’t wait to get the pattern released. We’re literally waiting on 3 different printers. Fingers and toes crossed.

  7. I really like your version Nhi

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