Welcome to the page for Spearmint! Here you will find all the sew-along links, sew-along badges, cutting labels, finished garment measurements, as well as photos of the finished garment and anything else related to Spearmint.

Lolita Patterns | Spearmint Envelope Front

Spearmint line drawing

This pattern comes in physical form as well as PDF/print shop form (available 12/16). You can also buy the 1 1/4 yard fusible hair canvas needed to make either view since it is often difficult to find. For a limited time during the holidays, the physical pattern is also available in the Three Pack Set which gives you Sugar Plum, Gunmetal, and Spearmint for a total of more than 15% off the full price.

Yardage Charts

To see the envelope back with US measurements and yardage calculations, click here.

The metric version of the envelope back can be found here.

Finished Garment Measurements

These measurements represent the total finished measurements of the garment–not your body! To calculate how much design each the pattern has, look at the measurements which correspond to yours on the sizing chart, then find the matching size on this finished garment measurement chart and subtract the two. That resulting number represents the amount of design ease in each part of the garment. This is helpful in deciding which size garment to make. If you do not know how much ease you like in your garment, measure a comparable article of clothing in your closet that you feel fits you well. You want to sew up this pattern in the finished garment measurements that most closely resemble the favored item of clothing from your garment. This will ensure that you like how tight or loose the finished garment is. Also, please keep in mind that Lolita Patterns are developed with much less ease than most patterns. This results in a close fitting, tailored look. We include the finished garment measurements to aid you in your decision of which size to cut and sew.

Lolita Patterns | Spearmint Finished Garment Measurements

Cutting Labels

You can download or print a copy of the cutting labels for Spearmint here. Cutting labels help ensure that you can identify each piece (or stack of pieces) as you need it, know which side is the right side, and which side of the piece is the top and which is the bottom. Since there are so many pieces, and many are shaped similarly, this helps avoid confusion as you sew.


Click to see our Pinterest board full of Spearmint photos from around the web. Don’t forget to add your finished Lolita Patterns garment to our Flickr pool!

Sew-Along Badges

The sew-along badges are available below. The sew-along will begin on Monday, February 3rd, 2014. We will cover every question you might have about making this coat. Spearmint uses an awesome technique to bag the lining completely by machine. No hand sewing required! Every step will be covered in detail with plenty of photos. We will even have a video to show you for better clarity!  This is an excellent pattern to use if you have never sewn a coat before. The factory style finish means the entire coat it sewn only by machine. Use this technique on future lined garments for a great, quick finish. Don’t miss this sew-along! Mark your calendars!

Spearmint Sew-Along Badge: 150 x 150

Spearmint Sew-Along Badge 150 x 150

Spearmint Sew-Along Badge: 200 x 200

Spearmint Sew-Along Badge 200 x 200

Sew-Along Links

As each sew-along post goes live, a link will be posted here for easy reference.

Spearmint Sew-Along #1: Choosing a size, fitting/what pieces to muslin, lowering bust apex, adding to the bust, fabric choices

Spearmint Sew-Along #2: Prepping fabric, fabric layout, flat lining/fusing fashion fabric

Spearmint Sew-Along #3: Fuse hair canvas/interfacing, pockets, buttonhole

Back Stay Tutorial

Spearmint Sew-Along #4: Coat back, side seams, shoulder seams, sleeves, flounce collars

Spearmint Sew-Along #5: Lining, coat hook , set in sleeves, attach second flounce collar

Tutorial: Bagging the Lining On Any Lined Coat Completely By Machine

Bonus Video: Hemming the sleeves without hand stitching

Spearmint Sew-Along #7: Finish flounce collar, Pressing video, Finishing touches


Physical Pattern: On Piece 8 for sizes 16-24, the view A cut line wording should be moved down to the cut line. The cut line is correct, it is the wording placement that is incorrect.

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  1. I want to do the sew-along – do I have to do anything – or just check back on Feb 3?

  2. I’m interested, but I’ve never taken part in a sew-along. How is it going? What am I supposed to do if I want to take part? And I’ve never sewn a coat. :)

    • You can see sew-alongs for past patterns under the sew-along tab at the top of the page to get an idea of how they work. We basically sew the entire pattern as a group. We add tips and tons of photographs to help demonstrate any tricky parts. This is a great coat to make for your first because there is no hand tailoring. Just get your supplies together and meet us back here for the sew-along!

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  7. Hi. I just found this pattern and would love to purchase it but was wondering if all the “sew along” advice will still be here online. I will need that as it will be my first adult coat.

    • Of course! The sew-along will always be here. All the links can be accessed from this very page right above where it says Sew Along. And I am also always around if you have any questions although I must admit Leila did a fantastic job on the Spearmint Sew-Along

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