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Today is our last sew-along day! It’s a pretty big day. We’ve put our coats together and now all we have left are the finishing touches. I say that’s “all” we have to do but this is the point where we shape out flounce collars and give our coats the final pressing. I have a video for you today, too, to show you how to get the collar to look the way it does in the illustration. 

If you’re just starting to follow the sew-along, feel free to visit the Lolita shop– it’s open whenever you need it! There you can get a PDF version, a paper copy and you can also pick up hair canvas for the flounce collar at a very reasonable price! We are always available to help you along your Spearmint coat sewing venture so please feel free to ask questions, leave us comments and share your work in progress and your finished coats! Let’s get started.

Sleeves – Bonus Video

If there was any confusion regarding the instructions on how to sew the hem of the sleeves by machine, there is a video up on Three Dresses to show you exactly how to do it!

Finish Flounce collar

Turn your coat right side out and start pressing. You might need to use a pressing cloth so that you don’t shine your wool. Press with steam and a lot of pressure to get the coat to behave, especially the collar. Take your time pressing.


Pin where the flounce collar meets the coat so you can stitch in the ditch. You want to make sure that you pin the collar seams so that your stitching stays in the ditch on both sides.


Pressing video

shaping and pressing flounce

And some images from Amity’s white Spearmint construction to further illustrate.




Finishing touches

Go to the hem of your coat and stitch in the ditch for 1.5″ within the hem to keep the fabric from shifting. Do the same on the sleeves.

Sew on your button and slip stitch your bound button hole shut. Remember these images from the Lolita Patterns bound button hole tutorial?

DSCN6881 DSCN6882

If you’re finishing up with us today, head on over to your social media site of choice- whether you prefer Flickr, tag us onFacebook or use #lolitapatterns on Twitter and Instagram so it’ll pop up on our Showcase page! We love showing off your work and work in progress!

Thank you for joining the sew-along whether you joined at the time of posting or in the future!

Enjoy your coat!

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