Dec 162013

I am a day behind on this post!  Some of you may know I went up to San Francisco to meet Leila and have an epic sewcialist meetup. My travel back home took longer than expected and my post did not get out yesterday. So lucky for you all, today we get multiple features!  First up, Simona’s beautiful purple Spearmint.

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That color is so rich and beautiful! What a great find! Wool coating is so often only found in neutral colors. Simona found this exciting color at Minerva Crafts.

Check out how wonderfully the coat drapes in this back view.

click picture for source

The lining is so gorgeous also!

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Woo! I love how well it goes with her dress! That is one spectacular outfit!

Over on her blog, Simona talks about making her first coat, working with bound buttonholes, and that luscious fabric. She also has way more pictures so click on over and check it out!

Later today Spearmint will be officially released and taken off its pre-sale status. Once that happens, Spearmint will be full price! The Limited Edition Three Pack Set will still be around which has Sugar Plum,Gunmetal, and Spearmint, at more than 15% off regular price. I also have another fabulous Spearmint to feature so stay tuned!

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