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I know March is almost over..that’s how far behind I am in getting my garments posted!  For those of you who don’t know, the Sewcialists choose a color every other month to theme sew and for February it was blue. This was fun for me because while I like blue, I never seem to gravitate towards it and have very few blue fabrics. This was good for me to break out and use the blue for once. I found this gorgeous navy fabric with light blue hearts all over it at Fabric Planet (the newer one across from Ace Sewing) in the Los Angeles garment district.

Lolita Patterns | Blue February Pendrell

I don’t know how my eyes ended up half closed in all the outside photos I took…but I know you need to see the garment so I post it for you all anyway!

I have this extreme weakness for hearts..I have to buy all fabric with hearts on it..I just love them! (Side note: Some of the sewing gals I took shopping in the garment district this weekend picked up some of this fantastic fabric for themselves!)

Lolita Patterns | Blue February Pendrell

I decided on Sewaholic’s Pendrell which I had been planning to make for some time. This fabric was a rayon challis and works perfectly for this pattern. I love how drapey it turned out.

Lolita Patterns | Blue February Pendrell

Back story: When I made my Renfrew, I had to extend out at the underarms 1 1/4″ and then taper back in to size 0 for everywhere else because her patterns are designed for pear shapes which is tiny up top. While I am definitely tiny, my ribcage is very broad…especially in comparison to the rest of my body. My first Renfrew kept riding up trying to get room under my arms so now when I make any Renfrew variations, I extend under the underarm.

Lolita Patterns | Blue February Pendrell

Now I had not yet made the Pendrell, and know it is a woven and not a knit, but thought it might also be tight on the underarm based on the build Sewaholic is drafted for. For this reason I extended under the arms out to a size 6 and tapered back in to a 0 everywhere else. Turns out it was unnecessary! The woven block Sewaholic drafts from seems to have the room I needed. So the extra room was unnecessary and I was able to sew in that extra excess under the arm and the blouse fits wonderfully!

Lolita Patterns | Blue February Pendrell

The only other change I made was to shorten it by 2 inches and it is at the perfect length for me. Works well tucked into skirts and still looks great when worn with pants. I really like it and think the challis is a perfect fabric for it. I can’t wait to make another one!

I have some rainbow charmeuse that would be so beautiful as this blouse. Next time. :)

Lolita Patterns | Blue February Pendrell

Lastly lets talk about these shoes. They are one of the first pairs of expensive shoes I ever bought back in 2002 (which back then did not cost nearly as much as Charles David shoes do nowadays) and I love them so much still! They are real Charles Davids (this was before Charles by Charles David existed) and are extremely comfortable wedges and looks great with pants and skirts. I don’t wear nearly enough blue which is why these are still in such good condition…I obviously need to make more blue clothes to go with these shoes!

amity bow | Lolita Patterns

  12 Responses to “Sewcialist Blue February Pendrell”

  1. I love this top! The hearts are so great. Why didn’t I buy any?!

  2. I love the blue too! Definitely wear more of it!

  3. This really really suits you Amity! Gorgeous combination of pattern and fabric. I need to try the Pendrell again as I made it a while back with a crepe that had too much body to make the version with the tulip sleeves flattering!

    • So sweet of you! I do really like the way it turned out and fits. I can’t wait to make my next one…you should definitely make another! I hate when fabric choices don’t work out but it means the next version is always better :)

  4. Your Pendrell looks lovely! The Pendrell was the first Indie pattern that I bought and made back in February 2011. It doesn’t seem like 3 years ago!

  5. I have 3 yards of this heart fabric! So glad I bought it… Your Pendrell looks great! And you whipped that up so quickly! I better get busy- the sooner I sew a dent in my fabric the sooner I can shop for more!

    • I had this made up from before..just a backlog of things to post. I didn’t actually buy any that day…just pointed it out to you all to buy! I still have three yards left and a good project planned :) We should post our projects at the same time lol!

  6. What a beautiful blouse! Thanks for putting the pattern on my radar. The shoes are amazing.

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