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Here is another post where we look at the reasons behind certain decisions we make as a pattern company. You can see other posts in this series here. This post has to do with printing.

A big hurdle from the beginning was packaging. We had such a distinct idea of what we wanted that we had to search high and low to find what we wanted—and find it at a reasonable price. Same goes for the pattern. In the beginning, we were very adamant about wanting to print on bond paper like the old Kwik Sews and not use tissue. It turns out, that the largest size that gets printed on bond paper is 28″ x 40″ unless you pay an arm and a leg for them to open up the giant machine—and we were especially conscientious about keeping the price as low as we could because any extra we pay on paper or packaging, of course in turn gets passed on into the price of the pattern.

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Sneak peek!

The problem with that size paper is that it ends up being too small. Our patterns are intermediate to more advanced and tend to have a lot of pieces. We also develop our patterns in a large amount of sizes. (See our previous post for more information) If we printed on that size paper, we might have 7-10 pieces trying to fit into the packaging. Yikes!! That was definitely not going to work.

We are still looking at various creative options, but for now we have decided to go with tissue as it is economical price wise, has a much larger print size, and folds up thin enough to fit in the packaging. However, we know that many people prefer bond paper, and as a result decided to also provide our patterns in PDF as well as print shop format. This allows the user to have the pattern on bond paper either by printing at home or taking it to a copy shop to print. We are doing our best to accommodate a wide variety of people. We hope that one of these options will work for you!

While this is the option we are using for the first couple of patterns, we are still researching an interesting idea that may come to fruition down the road. We hope that our next post in this series will debut our packaging! Stay tuned!

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