Sep 072013
Lolita Patterns | Packaging

The pattern envelope is the next topic on our behind the scenes series.   From Papercut to By Hand London creative packaging is everywhere in the indie pattern world.  Lolita Patterns will be no exception.


By Hand London

First up, the practicality of the envelope. This is my area of expertise.  We wanted an envelope that was durable, had great restuffability (I made up that word, but you get what I mean) and was easy to store and find in your pattern stash but also fit our aesthetic as a company.  I incorporated parts of our logo into the packaging itself. At first we had planned to have a gusset and an envelope that just fit the contents.  Like a gusseted version of a Sewaholic pattern envelope.  After discussing this with our printer, the gusset we wanted was too small to be machine glued.  So out went the gusset idea.  After numerous samples and mock ups, we ended up with a more spacious envelope, made with very sturdy cover stock and re-closeable flap.  We are also color coding each envelope flap to so that you can see find the pattern quickly even if it is in a stack of patterns.

Lolita Patterns | Packaging

Now onto the creative look of the envelope.  This is Amity’s wheel house.  The cover has a beautiful fashion illustration by our very talented illustrator, Jen Dodson.  Her website can be found at  The cover models are wearing a very fashion forward take on the pattern.  Amity scours the fashion websites to find the exact right clothing and accessories to go on each model. The cover model is also accessorized and styled for a head to toe look.

Lolita Patterns | Packaging

Sew that’s why we ended up with our pattern envelope features.  As Amity mentioned on her post about our delays, the envelope is our final hurdle in releasing Sugar Plum or any future pattern.  We’re so happy with our pattern envelope and hope you’ll love it, too.

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