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The final post of Sew Grateful Week is posting a project that shows our gratitude by using the presents and kindness we have received. You can use fabric or an item that was given to you, something you won in a giveaway, anything you made from a tutorial or pattern given away online, etc. For my personal sew grateful project, I am using a pattern that was given to me as a gift. It is a well known pattern in the online sewing community, Colette Patterns Beignet skirt.
















I used a wonderful piece of stash fabric that was found at Joann’s of all places. I bought it at least 5 years ago. It was a denim fabric with embroidery and sequins on it that had a rainbow feel to it. I felt that the natural thing to do would be to continue the rainbow theme with the buttons and top stitching!


Button closeup


Rainbow topstitching and fabric closeup


The pattern and lining pieces fit together perfectly and the instructions are wonderfully detailed. The sewing of this project was a dream.  The only problem I had was it was too long for me. It came to the middle of my knees which is a terribly unflattering length for me. But of course I decided to sew on all the buttons and everything before realizing I should shorten it. So I took the lining and facing pieces apart and re-sewed every button! This was because I had started with a white button when it was the full length, but when I shortened it, it became one button less. And in order to keep my rainbow order, I removed the white, so every button had to be moved up one buttonhole!

For the eagle eyed among you, these buttons are the same as the custom earrings in our Fuchsia Giveaway. I made them into buttons by ordering button shanks and gluing them to the back using E-6000 glue.


Pockets and bow belt closeup


Instead of using the pattern pieces for the belt, I used Tilly’s bow belt tutorial. I think it turned out so cute! Unfortunately  I don’t think I am in love with this version. I still love the pattern, but I need to modify the hip curve. Right now, the curve of the hips is far too low for my hips and it makes the pockets bulge. As soon as I modify the curve, I think this could be a great staple piece. I plan on modifying it on this piece because I just love the rainbow fabric, buttons, and stitching so much! Am I being too critical? Can you see what I am talking about?






The last thing I wanted to let you all know was that I made the belt loops 100% on my serger. I do a lot of unusual things on my serger and am willing to share if there is any interest. One note: I use the coverstitch function of my serger for this so it will only work if your serger has this capability, or if you use a coverstitch machine.  If you want to know how to make the belt loops on your serger, it is very simple and I would be happy to do a tutorial if you want. I use the belt loop attachment. The belt loops can be made in the time it takes to stitch one coverstitch through the serger!

Our Fuchsia themed giveaway for our first pattern is still open. Go here to enter!

Don’t forget that our first pattern, Fuchsia, was just released and it is free!!!  Go ahead and grab it right now in the shop!

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