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Every year, My Happy Sewing Place hosts a week where the sewing community can show their gratitude to everyone that supports us in our sewing endeavors. This is a particularly meaningful week for us this year because all your support led us to start Lolita Patterns! We have some great posts for this years Sew Grateful week and it starts with today’s giveaway!

In honor of our first pattern, Fuchsia, being released this week, we decided to do something a little different for this giveaway. This is the Fuchsia giveaway and consists of all things fuchsia!  (Could this be the start of a themed giveaway for every pattern??…hmmm….) We have scoured all ends of the earth to find you the very best in all things fuchsia as well as a few lolita inspired items. And we succeeded. This giveaway is good! Want to see?

fuchsia giveaway Clockwise from top left:

  1. A fuchsia Lolita Patterns button
  2. Smashbox blush in Radiance which their website calls a “bright fuchsia”
  3. Custom made fuchsia rose (very lolita) earrings by AmityOriginals (my etsy store)
  4. Neon pink thread, Coats & Clark Dual Duty XP (I think neon pink is the color fuchsia would be if it was neon-ized)
  5. Hand dyed by me fuchsia houndstooth rayon suiting fabric (I made my dress for Promaballoona out of this fabric!)
  6. Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick The Vivids in Fuchsia Flash
  7. Fuchsia hair elastics
  8. Six fuchsia buttons
  9. Sparkly false eyelashes, including bottom lashes–a very lolita-esque look
  10. Milani Jewel FX nail lacquer in color Fuchsia
  11. Fuchsia skinny belt

What do you think?  Enough fuchsia for our celebration? We love the online sewing community and want to show you all how much! The support and inspiration we draw from all of you is incredible!

If you want to enter to win our Fuchsia giveaway, just leave a comment on this post telling us what you are “sew grateful” for in your sewing. We will ship anywhere in the world so anyone and everyone is free to enter. This giveaway will be open until Valentines Day, February 14th.

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! Thank you for entering!

Our first pattern is being released this week and the sew-along starts next week! You can find the materials list and fabric requirements for imperial measurements here, and metric measurements here. We hope to have you join us!

To make sure you don’t miss a thing, please like us on Facebook, follow us on Pinterest, join our mailing list, follow the blog, find us on twitter, or any other social media you want! We would love to have you with us on our exciting new journey.

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  45 Responses to “Sew Grateful Giveaway!”

  1. BRILLIANT giveaway! I just love it!!! I am sew grateful for the amazing creativity in the sewing community…you inspire me!!! So excited for the pattern launch!

  2. Fabulous giveaway. I am grateful for life,health, a great husband and my handsome muchkin, my son-shine Jay.

  3. Great project! Of course I am grateful for all the inspiration that is in all the beautiful blogs that I find in my way. Love your giveaway!

  4. What a lovely giveaway, in my sewing I am extremely grateful for my mum and all her knowledge that she is always happy to share with me

  5. What an AWESOME giveaway! I am sew grateful that blogging helps me connect with other people who share my interests, no matter where they are!

  6. I love this giveaway. I am sew thankfull for all the beautiful vintage patterns that give me so much inspiration.

  7. ZOMG I love it! I really try and tone done my love of pink for the sake of the rest of the world, but this strikes at my very soul in the most wonderful of ways.
    I am sew grateful for the way that sewing lets me show others how I love them. I love making things and I love giving them to my loved ones (ok, and myself) as a little way to show I care.

  8. Wow – so much pink!
    I’m sew grateful for so many things – my talent for sewing, vintage fabric, the people that follow my blog, the people I’ve met through my blog… I could go on forever!

  9. This is an awesome giveaway! And I’m glad I found your blog via Debi 😀
    What I’m grateful for – that I have managed to teach myself sewing in the past two years. I’m so glad I can make anything I want now and not so limited by what I can find online and instore (vintage of course). 😀

    My web address is the same as my email – I’m not linking it here because I have a suspicion my comment will go in spam!

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  11. I love pink! You’re having a great giveaway, and I would love to win! Thank you! :)
    I am sew grateful for all the resources bloggers post on the web, thus allowing me to teach myself how to sew 😉
    maryallhandmade (at) gmail (dot) com

  12. I am sew grateful to have such wonderful blog friends and to have so many opportunities to win giveaways! Sewing bloggers are so generous!

    And congratulations on the pattern company! Can’t wait to see what other patterns you release.

  13. Im really excited about the pattern.. thanks for the giveaway

  14. Congratulations on Lolita Patterns! This is so exciting.

    I’m sew grateful for a lot of things but I do love my sewing room. I can leave my mess in whatever state it needs to stay and I can pick up where I left off without having to put everything away each time.

  15. I am grateful for the inspiration and dedication and nice friends in the sewing community!!!!
    My favorite color: Fuchsia!!!!
    Please consider me on your giveaway!!!

  16. What a lovely giveaway!!
    I am so grateful for this online sewing community and how nice and helpful everyone is.

  17. What a fabulous giveaway . . . I am ‘sew greatful’ for my Mother and Grandmother who nurtured my sewing enthusiasm (sadly neither are with us any more) – they would be thrilled and amazed at the online community!

  18. I am sew grateful for good pictures and explanations from so many dif. perspectives and people that help me and so many of us see each lesson along the way so that as I work I find so many helpful hints to get me to the next step!

  19. Lovely giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win. I am sew grateful for the wonderful blogs out there that gives me inspirations.

  20. My favourite colour ever! I am grateful in sewing for carrying on a long tradition (all the women in my family made dresses and things) while making new and awesome things!

  21. I am so grateful that I finally started to learn to sew, and that I have ladies like you and other bloggers that have helped me understand sew (haha) much about this great activity. Thank you!

  22. I am incredibly grateful that I have had time to learn to sew, and that I have had ladies like you and other bloggers as a fantastic resource for all my questions. Thank you!

  23. Sorry about the double post – it told me that it timed out. Cheers!~

  24. Just found this blog via Debi’s site. Good luck with the pattern launch! I am sew grateful to find people that share my passions in the interwebs. The fuchsia giveaway is awesome!

  25. Oh, what a fabulous idea for a giveaway! Love it!! :-)

    I’m grateful for the online sewing community in general. Over the last couple of years since I stumbled upon it, I’ve made lots of lovely new friends, learnt heaps, gotten inspired by all sorts of wonderful people, and generally had a ton of fun!

    Congratulations on launching your first pattern very soon – I’m now following you, and I’ll be looking forward to seeing what you guys get up to in the future. :-)

  26. Im sew grateful that I have the opportunity to learn how to sew!

  27. I am sew grateful to find your blog, and learn more about Lolita patterns. I am excited to try out one of your patterns, and would love to win this creative-themed giveaway!

  28. What a fushia-licious givaway! Congrats on your new pattern line launch! g

  29. Oooh, lovely. And LUCKILY, I am madly in love with fuschia and pinks of all kind :) Thank you for hosting this lovely giveaway. I am sew grateful for my sewing teacher Elaine. She has the patience of nobody I’ve ever met. And is so kind and generous. And sews well!! She is retired and offers her services for free twice a week at a local community centre near where I live.

  30. What an amazing giveaway. Congratulations on your new pattern. That’s very exciting!

  31. I’m so thankful for a mom who sewed beautifully and wouldn’t let me get away with sloppy sewing! And I’m so grateful for my machine, tools to make sewing easier, and all the inspiration and encouragement that is available now online. Thank you!

  32. I am sew grateful for a supportive husband.

  33. […] the eagle eyed among you, these buttons are the same as the custom earrings in our Fuchsia Giveaway. I made them into buttons by ordering button shanks and gluing them to the back using E-6000 […]

  34. I am sew grateful that my teenage daughter has taken up sewing and in the past few months has made many items. And she is much more talented than I am! Now we have a hobby that we both share!

  35. What a fantastic giveaway, I’m grateful for all the online sewing bloggers providing tips and photos of their creations.

  36. Very funny giveaway! I’m gratefull about life and creativity!

  37. Nice giveaway… Lots of fun stuff! I am very grateful about where I am in my life right now: my two ogres; my fabulous, gorgeous husband and my wonderful son, the opportunity to do what I like and not having to try to like what I do, and for all the inspiration and knowledge out there in the sewing-blogosphere and for all the indie-patternmakers who come up with some really gorgeous and fun and youthful stuff to try…

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  39. What a beautifully themed giveaway! I’m ‘sew’ grateful that learning to sew has allowed me to make the clothes I love at a price point a student like me can afford, or if they are no longer in style. I’m also grateful I’ll have a skill for the post-zombie apocalypse!

  40. I;m sooo grateful for my family which suppeorts me in my cereative craziness!!

  41. I’m grateful for being a “sewist” because I can dress me and my family for pennies, without the look of a penny-bought dress!!

  42. Well, I’m sew grateful for finding a hobby that doesn’t aggravate my fibromyalgia. The pain can make most of my fav hobbies difficult, but I can still sew.

  43. […] there is only one more day for the Fuchsia Giveaway! Make sure you enter before time runs […]

  44. […] started back in February with the Fuchsia giveaway for our first pattern release. And now I hope to make it a tradition with every new release. So […]

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