Dec 142013

You all are in for a treat today! We have Scruffy Badger’s Spearmint coat, complete with ric rac! One of the things Scruffy Badger is known for is her classic and elegant use of ric rac. It always makes her garments so unique and she wasn’t about to leave Spearmint out of the loop!

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That teal is to die for…and look at this gorgeous floral lining!

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She discusses tailoring, fabric challenges (she ran out!), and that awesome collar she added ric rac to over on her blog post at Scruffy Badger Time. Her fix for running out of fabric is nothing short of brilliant! It looks so incredible, I want to do the same thing on my next version. What was her clever fix you ask?  Click over to her blog and find out!

I wanted to show you the close up picture of the collar so you can see how pretty the ric rac looks inserted into the edge of the collar seam. She has a lot more pictures in her post at the blog, including closeups of the buttonhole and other full length shots of the coat!

That’s it for today’s Spearmint. And yes, we have another for tomorrow!

Spearmint is still 15% off until Monday in the shop for pre-sale. All orders with Spearmint in them will ship on Monday. Want even more of a discount?  You can get all 3 physical patterns (Sugar Plum,Gunmetal, and Spearmint) in  Limited Edition Three Pack Set for more than 15% off!

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