Dec 162013

The pre-sale is over and Spearmint is officially released and shipping!  Thank you all for the support in the pre-sale phase..your orders are on their way. The sale price for Spearmint may be over, but you can still save when buying the Limited Edition Three Pack. The official release of Spearmint also includes the release of the PDF version of Spearmint. One word of warning: This is a long coat and therefore the PDF pages end up being fairly lengthy. Not impossible of course, the testers braved the PDF version!

Now for the exciting feature Spearmint. Pretty Grievances made a dressy suiting version of Spearmint and she nailed it! Check it out!

click picture for source

She chose a fun lining and gives us a good shot of the sizable pockets.

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A collar close-up.

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Back on her blog post, she has so many pictures…even an artistic collage! I won’t say more…I’ll save the surprise for when you click over to her blog. She talks about bound buttonholes, making the coat in a suiting, and attaching the lining. Her final picture is a fantastic shot…she looks like she is having such a blast!  I love big smiling pictures. Stick around…we have another fantastic Spearmint tomorrow. I know what you are thinking…when will it end? Hopefully never!  As long as I have people who want to feature their Spearmint, I plan on doing so! All versions of Spearmint are now available. The physical pattern, PDF version, or you can get the Limited Edition Three Pack Set. Don’t forget that the 1 1/4 yard of hair canvas needed to make Spearmint is available for purchase too at a great price! See you tomorrow! amity bow | Lolita Patterns

  2 Responses to “Pretty Grievances’ Spearmint and Official Spearmint Release”

  1. Oh Amity! What an amazing version. The only real concern I have is how low the neckline is – will there be info on raising it?

    I’m looking forward to mine showing up. Hope the husband doesn’t ‘swipe’ the package and hold it for the holidays! — g

    • We will talk in great detail about the collar. The key to the collar is wool fabric and hair canvas…it needs the support. But we will talk about ways to get the support even if you use lighter weight fabrics! Using a lighter interfacing or lighter weight fabric results in a drapier collar and in turn results in a much wider opening. The neckline itself is really low, but the way of folding the collar can help reign it in more.

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