May 202013

I just realized that this post has been sitting in here and never actually got posted! Oops :)  So here, after a long wait, is the winner of the pattern pyramid! I used the random generator this time:

Lolita Patterns | Pattern Pyramid Winner

The winner is Laura Mae! Congratulations!  She has a gorgeous blog called Lilacs and Lace where she features the most beautiful vintage outfits and patterns.  Hopefully she will have some great vintage additions for the next giveaway. You know what this also means?  The pyramid is staying in California again! Crazy…. I won it from Beth in San Francisco, and I am in Los Angeles, and now it is off to Laura Mae back in Northern California.

I felt so bad for all the people who said they have been entering over and over like I did…I wish I had prizes for all of you! Enter into Laura Mae’s and hopefully you will win next time…..

amity bow | Lolita Patterns

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