Mar 042014

How many of you have ordered from Fabric Mart Fabrics in the past? I’ve been on their email list for years and cannot resist all the amazing prices and sales they have! They even have a great discount code for your first order! When I realized they also carry a select amount of indie patterns, I knew I had to contact them about Lolita Patterns. Luckily, they tried out the patterns and wanted to carry them!  I think I have used a piece of fabric I bought from Fabric Mart in at least one of the samples for every pattern.

Fabric Mart now carries all Lolita Patterns!  The best part? When you order your fabric, you pay a flat rate for shipping…and that shipping stays the same even when you add patterns to your order! No extra shipping charges ordering a pattern from a separate can get everything at once on Fabric Mart’s website!


My favorite part is that Fabric Mart separates all their fabrics by category–and even makes their categories very detailed! For example, anything in the coating category would be perfect for Spearmint!  Their mesh category is ideal for Gunmetal…I love that they have a separate section for that. Their ponte section is exactly what you need for the skirt section of Sugar Plum. And any of the silkschiffon, or challis’ (not wool) work for the top portion.

I just wanted to give you all a heads up now that Fabric Mart carries Lolita Patterns so you can order both your fabric and pattern at the same time!  New vendors coming soon…stay tuned!

amity bow | Lolita Patterns

  3 Responses to “New Vendor – Fabric Mart Fabrics”

    Hello, my name is Dobermom, and I am a Fabric Mart Fabrics addict. I have been buying fabric from them since I discovered them about a year ago, and they have been steadily feeding my rapidly growing fabric stash.
    I have just discovered they now carry a new line of patterns to feed my growing Pattern stash.
    I think I need help. Maybe?
    So now, do I buy the pattern to justify buying more fabric? Or buy more fabric to justify buying a pattern? (Or do I just hide my guilty pleasure?)

    • Ahahahah! This is the best comment I have ever seen! I am the exact same way…would you believe I just placed yet another order? I need to get off their mailing list! (never gonna happen….)

  2. This is fantastic news! Hooray!

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