Mar 102013

It’s time to feature my finished Fuchsia! This fabric turned out to work perfectly for this pattern. I used a polyester taffeta. It is just the right amount of puffy to be cute. This version is definitely good for play! I have another version with just the bottom tier out of a grey wool suiting that is perfect for the office. I love how versatile this pattern is! You have seen several different versions and no two look alike…I will definitely be making more of these in my future.

Lolita Patterns | Fuchsia #1300

I also tested to make sure it was party ready….by krumping!

Lolita Patterns | Fuchsia #1300

And some more silliness.

Lolita Patterns | Fuchsia #1300

I did not get a good back view–they were all blurry—and so is the side view but I will put it here anyway.

Lolita Patterns | Fuchsia #1300

Anyone know why so many of my pictures turn out blurry? The only good pictures seem to be some sort of closeup or zoom….and I checked that it is not set in permanent macro mode. It goes into macro automatically on zooming. But without any zoom, they all turn blurry….help!

Okay I’ll post the blurry back view. Maybe one of you can help with my camera issue!

Lolita Patterns | Fuchsia #1300

I included this closeup to show the accessories and makeup. This is a great DIY necklace made of pearls to look like a peter pan collar. Keep an eye out for a future tutorial! The makeup is also very lolita–pinks, cat eyeliner, sparkles, and shimmer. I’ll also be doing the makeup tutorial for this look soon! So much to look forward to!

Lolita Patterns | Fuchsia #1300

We still want to see any pictures or posts about your Fuchsia experience! Pass them along!

Still need to get the pattern? It is available for free in the shop!  If you want detailed instructions with photos, you can follow the sew-along to sew it up!

Are there any specific tutorials you would like to see? We have so many planned but we would love to do one’s that our readers would specifically like to see. Please let us know!

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  1. I’d really like to sew a dress, maybe with princess seams…
    C U soon,
    MammaNene from

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