May 052013

Both Nhi and myself held strong for the first week of Me Made May. I still haven’t gotten my camera back so my pictures are all from the phone…except the first day when I had a friend take an entire outdoor photo shoot of me!  The first day of May I had to go to three different courthouses for appearances, so I was wearing my finest! And what do you know? My finest that day happens to be our next release, Sugar Plum!

Lolita Patterns | Sugar Plum

Lolita Patterns | Sugar Plum

The second and third day of May, I was working from home so I was in my pajamas…which are me made! But I was not smart enough to think about phone photos, because I always use the camera for blog photos. Of course, by the fourth day, when I still did not have my camera, someone mentioned phone photos and a light bulb went on above my head! I will re-wear my pajamas during the month I am sure and I will definitely get a picture cuddling with some puppies. I post all my best puppy pictures on our Instagram account.

May 4th:

Lolita Patterns | Husband and wife MMM '13

What is that??? A double me made you ask???  Yes! A husband and wife Me Made May picture!  Russell is wearing the physics equation shirt I made him (post to come) using Kwik Sew 3422 and I am wearing Simplicity 2594, View A in a fun cotton lawn from Fashion Fabrics Club. My husband has a double physics/math undergrad degree and a masters in physics. All those equations on the shirt are real!  I printed the fabric from Spoonflower…I’ll review the experience soon.

May 5th:

Lolita Patterns | Me Made May '13

Rock on! Haha…look at the cauldrons

May 5th was a long working day at the house with Nhi. All in preparations for getting our next pattern, Sugar Plum, out to testers. (Any volunteers?) So I wore my scrubby shirt. It was cute at first, but the colors bled after the first wash. Which was bizarre since I pre-washed the fabric and have another version of this shirt with the same fabric that I was with all kinds of colors and it has never bled on anything else! So weird… This shirt is a colorblocked version of New Look 6648 and you can see my review about it on my personal blog here.


Nhi has been wearing two garments a day! Beyond amazing…  Here are her snapshots.

May 1: What it’s May?!  Hazard of working from home, I lose track of time.  I did manage to get a shot of my “pajama jeans” made with blue denim jegging fabric.  Pattern is Silhouette Patterns 3400 Three Piece Yoga Pants.  My pledge of 2 Me Made items is fulfilled.  Just take my word for it. Lolita Patterns | Me Made May '13

May 3: Finally got a decent pic of me.  Top is Silhouette Patterns 115 Ann’s top without the sleeves.  I used a light weight knit; perfect for the hot weather we’ve been having.  Skirt is Silhouette Pattern 2010 Three piece yoga skirt made with grey ponte roma fabric.  Not shown for obvious reasons; I’m also wearing McCall’s 5651 lace panties.

Lolita Patterns | Me Made May '13

May 4: Look at me, I’m actually presentable to the outside world.  The shirt is a very easy, very comfy shirt from New Look 6648.  The denim skirt is Simplicity 2451.  Both fabrics were from Michael Levine’s loft.  Again not shown for obvious reasons; I’m also wearing McCall’s 5651 lace panties.  Pretty much all my panties are Me Made so I’ll stop mentioning them each day.

Lolita Patterns | Me Made May '13

May 5: Another casual day working my 2nd full time job as a pattern maker.  I spent the day with Amity working on our envelope cover art, instruction illustrations and pattern making.  I thought she would enjoy the bright green/yellow top.  The pattern is Jossilyn’s top #210 from Silhouette Patterns.   I don’t remember what pattern the capris are.  I made these years ago.

Lolita Patterns | Me Made May '13

How did you all do? Ready for three more weeks of Me Made May?

amity bow | Lolita Patterns   and   Nhi Signature

  4 Responses to “MMM ’13 – First Week Wrap Up”

  1. I love the shirt with physics equations! And your simplicity top… very nice outfits, I would wear them myself 😉 I didn’t join MMM’13 because I don’t have enough me-made clothes… but I’m trying to get there soon lol :)
    and your Sugar Plum is absolutely wonderful! (can I be one of your lucky testers? Pretty please? I’m just a beginner sewist, you can see some of the things I’ve made so far at my blog
    XOXO Mary

  2. You both look really nice in your outfits. I think I might need to visit the fabric store again.
    If you need anymore testers, let me know.

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