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Time for the second Me Made May wrap up! To avoid overloading this post with a million pictures, we put them into a collage. If you want to see the full picture, check out our Flickr account and view the set entitled Me Made May 2013. And for other pictures, we have linked to our various other blog posts or pattern reviews for more information.

Lolita Patterns | MMM Wrap Up 2-Nhi

I’ll be discussing the outfits in order. Left to right, row by row.

5-6-13:  Spent most of the day plopped in front of the computer.  The only time I leave the house on some days is to get the mail and walk the dog.  Waffle is waiting patiently for me to take a pic and get going.  I’m wearing Silhouette patterns #3400 Three piece yoga pants and previously mentioned unmentionables.

5-7-13:  Full days of meeting so I didn’t look like a bum today.  Wearing 4 pieces of me made.  Red faux wrap top is McCall’s 6513. Trouser jeans are Silhouette patterns #3600 Ralph’s pants.  Jacket is Vogue 8480 made in a water proof fabric.  It was raining a little so I thought this jacket would be appropriate level of California rain protection.

5-8-13:  I was a complete dressing disaster today.  Not sure how I managed to get my coat on inside out, somehow was able to button it but couldn’t aligned the buttons.  Got myself straightened and managed another day with 4 me mades.  Fleece coat is Simplicity 2760.Pants are those Silhouette yoga pants again.  Bunny slippers are Kwik Sew 130.

5-9-13:  Yup it’s those Silhouette patterns yoga pants again.  This is my “khaki” version of my “pajama jeans”.  I made them out of a khaki looking knit so I can wear them into the office.  I’ve added pockets and a seam detail down the center front so no one is the wiser.

5-10-13:  So much going on I didn’t get a pic.  Headed to Northern California for a wedding on Saturday.  I dropped off the dog at his dog park-like boarding place in the am.  Had a very difficult day at work.  Packed.  Then drove all night to Northern California with a boyfriend sick with food poisoning in the passenger seat.  I wore me-made yoga pants made in a grey ponte roma for the long trip.

5-11-13:  The day of the wedding.  That’s me in Butterick B5559.  I made it in a stretchy twill backed satin from Micheal Levine’s loft.  It was the only fabric that I had that was dressy enough for the wedding.  I whipped it together in 2 nights because I had already fitted the pattern previously.  Neck and arm holes were simply folded and sloppily topstitched.  The hem was atrocious.  Thank goodness for cardigans.

5-12-13:  Sick.  Oh so sick.  Basically slept from Saturday night until Monday morning.  My boyfriend had to drive us home and pick up the pup on the way down.  He put me and the dog in the bed.  Waffle and I didn’t move until Monday morning.  No good pics could come from this day.  I wore me-made pajama pants.  No pattern just one of those tie at the waist types.

5-13-13:  Needed at the last minute to work in our Northern California office.  What?!  I was just there.  So turned around and headed back.  No pic because I would have a frowny face on.  :(  I wore me-made yoga pants for the trip.

5-14-13:  Spent the day in the office.  I wore Simplicity 2702. Before you think, “hey, that’s a cute dress,” read the pattern review.  I took this pic with a self timer in the hotel room.  I’m not trying to be a model.  I like my standard frumpy poses in front of a boring wall just fine.  This pose was the only position I could come up with that showed the whole dress, didn’t cut off my head or legs and didn’t make me look like a tramp selling something in one of those magazines.

5-15-13:  Day 2 in the office.  My coat was self drafted.  The fabric is a sweater knit I got from Baron’s fabric in Woodland Hills, CA.  It was a designer sample cut and is quite lovely.  The skirt is Silhouette Patterns 2950 Joyce’s Almost Bias Skirt that is modified with a cascade hem line.  I lined it with a peacock blue lining that matched the specks in the brown fabric.  I had hoped would peak through with the longer back but it doesn’t when I stand.  So my friend who took this pic had me sit down and “pose” so the lining shows.

5-16-13:  Not looking for feeling my best today.  No pics but I did wear yoga shorts.  I had a little bit of brown ponte roma left.  Not enough for my standard work-at-home yoga pants.  So I made them into shorts.  This is a pic from another day but it’s the same shorts.

5-17-13:  Went to a concert, Reyli, at the Honda Center.  The top is New Look 6648.    The top has plenty of ease for dancing, arm waving, drinking and overall having fun.  I drank Cristal for the first time.  I think a bottle is $200-300!  The pants are trouser jeans.   Silhouette Patterns 3600 Ralph’s Pants made in a denim fabric.  I had a back stage pass and was able to meet the artist.  What a night.

5-18-13:  Back to reality.  After doing hot, messy yard work I cleaned up and put on something nicer than normal.  The top is a heavily modified Silhouette patterns 312 Giorgio’s top.  No my favorite top but I don’t have an extensive me-made casual wardrobe.  I’ll need to work on that.  The skirt is Silhouette patterns 2010 yoga skirt with more of a pencil shape skirt.

5-19-13:  Spent Sunday with a friend.  We met for brunch in Old Town Pasadena and headed off to tour the Gamble house.  It was a beautiful example of Arts and Crafts architecture.  We also visited Heritage Square Museum and the Lummis house.   It was a warm day so I wore the sleeveless version of Simplicity 2927.  I added the pockets into the seam instead of the pouch pockets from the pattern.  I think this gives it a cleaner line.

5-20-13:  Boring day working from home in me-made capri “pajama pants.”

5-21-13:  Had lunch with a gf.  I wore Silhouette Patterns #115 Ann’s top without the cowl neck and sleeves.    Not quite sure which pattern I used for the capri pants.  All I can remember is that they made from water resistant fabric.

And oh yeah, a cute picture of Waffle to make the collage nice and even.


Lolita Patterns | MMM Wrap Up 2-Amity

 5-7-13: Spent the day working at home so I could cuddle with my babies. Those are my two puppies, Pumpkin and Wednesday. Pumpkin is already 126 lbs! These are self drafted pajama pants made out of a Halloween colored plaid. (I wear me made pj pants a LOT because I tend to stay home when I am not needed in court or jail instead of heading to the office)

5-8-13: Another home day! Today in pink and purple skull sweatshirt fleece fabric from Joann’s. These babies are my two older ones.

5-9-13: Today was semi chilly. I had originally dressed up in a me made dress but it was too cold. So I wore my awesome Minoru (Sewaholic patterns) I made with quilting cotton underlined with polar fleece. I added a lining to the hood, drawstring to the hood, and 4 different pockets! Zippered welt pockets in the front and side seam pockets. This jacket was perfect for the San Francisco Pattern Review Weekend and was a big hit!

5-10-13: I headed out to Vegas for the weekend to take care of my grandmother so casual, cool, clothes were needed. Today I wrote my heart ‘n bones Renfrew. Such cute fabric!

5-11-13: This is New Look 6470 view A. For some reason, everyone loves this top! I guess it looks great in the pic, but when I am wearing it, it doesn’t feel that cute? Who knows…. I still wear it because I love the fabric and it is comfortable. I stayed at my mothers house when we were in Vegas so this is one of her dogs, Hercules. He is also the brother of my older bulldog, Buffy.

5-12-13: Here is New Look 6648. I spent the day in the car driving and forgot to take a pic. But this is the same top from when I wrote my review earlier. I just recycled the picture.

5-13-13: Here is where the pictures get lazy. I forgot to take one. But I wore my Colette patterns Beignet skirt and recycled the picture from my last review. Here is the problem with pictures. I often leave the house before my husband is up and get home before he returns. And since I live with 4 doggies, I never wear my real clothes around the house. I change literally one minute before I leave and get undressed into pajamas the second I return. Otherwise all my clothes would be covered in dog hair all the time! So often I am out of my nicer clothes by the time I can get a picture. I tried taking them in the mirror and it looks funny. So a lot of the future pics are  recycled. Sorry :(

5-14-13: Day at home in me made PJ’s and lots of cuddling with the girls. (All 4 doggies are girls) No picture today.

5-15-13: Today I wore my orange Giorgio’s Top around. This is a wonderfully comfortable shirt and very flattering.

5-16-13: Today was yoga pants day! I made them out of a nice matte jersey with wonderful drape so they end up looking dressier than regular yoga pants. So I can wear them to work.

5-17-13: No pics….another around the house day with me made pajamas. And yup…I’m such a homebody I did not go out on Friday night. I love hanging with my hubs and my doggies too much!

5-18-13: Today was my friend’s baby shower and I decided it was the perfect time to wear my spider and bat Colette Peony!

5-19-13: This is Vogue’s 8815 peplum top.

5-20-13: I wore my red leopard print Giorgio’s Top that I made in honor of Jungle January today.

5-21-13: Another stay at home and work in pajamas day!


Whew! We have both held strong but taking pictures every day is tough! How have you all been holding up?

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