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There has been some talk around the blog world about a post by Colette Patterns where they explained why they do not have plus size patterns. You can see this post here. While I thought they did a great job explaining how having a second set of sizes doubles the work, many people found the post offensive. There are tons of comments on the post. I wanted to bring it up here because Lolita Patterns does exactly what Colette Patterns addresses in the post. Lolita Patterns | Sizing Chart They explain that to do plus sizes, they would literally double their work. This is so very true! At Lolita Patterns, we sew two sets of sample sizes, draft two separate blocks, have two separate fittings for each sample size, grade two separate patterns, etc. It does truly add twice as much work. We wrote a post about why we chose to do that back here. It is a post specifically on the sizing at Lolita Patterns. We knew that the indie pattern market was severely lacking in patterns in the larger sizes and wanted to make sure we offered those. When we did the research, and learned all the extra work, we decided it was too important not to do. Many people choose their pattern size based on their high bust measurement because otherwise the rest of the garment is way too baggy. By making a separate block and using separate grading rules, this problem is gone!

Lolita Patterns | Unique Sizing

a quick glimpse of what we explained on our past sizing post

We have worked from the very beginning on making sure we can provide all these extras without making the patterns cost an exorbitant amount. There are some comments on the Colette Patterns post explaining there are other companies that go to the larger sizes but end up having to charge $30 per pattern! While I understand where they are coming from, making multiple sets of sizes is more work than just one set of sizes, we worked hard to keep the cost down when setting up our original business plan. We included both sets of sizing from the beginning so our budget and what we could offer was decided around those goals. How did you feel about Colette Patterns post? Did you know Lolita Patterns specifically addresses the problem they posted about?

amity bow | Lolita Patterns

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  2. While I have purchased and used many Colette patterns, I am constantly on the lookout for Indie companies that address the plus size sewist needs by offering patterns in my size range. I applaud your efforts to include this often overlooked market segment and wish you the best of luck and much success. You definitely have me as a customer!

  3. The two block approach is something I’m very excited by!! You two are amazing to do this and put in all the work. Such high standards. I love it!

  4. For those of us whose bust often defines the size we must buy, we applaud your efforts and plan to be loyal customers. Keep up the good work.

  5. Hurrah, Lolita! Sometimes it’s about doing what’s right, not just what is cost effective.

  6. Just keep doing what you’re doing.

    • I will! There is so much already prepared and in the works! I wish we were not hindered by the packaging plant having issues with the die…hopefully won’t be too much longer!

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  8. This is a great idea! I sewed quite a bit many years ago. Then life and pounds came along. I found that I simply could not find clothing that fit, either in pattern or RTW because of the “line backer shoulder” issue in plus sizes. I have since lost a great deal and now fit into the regular sizes again. What you say is true–size gain happens in the girth and not nearly as much in the shoulders. It was good to lose the weight, but sad that this was the only way to find clothing that fit my narrow shouldered frame. I stayed away from other independent pattern companies with cute designs because they lacked plus sizes. It is offensive that some lines refuse to design for all persons. RTW lines do this as well.

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