Dec 172013

Today’s feature is another Spearmint made in red. I don’t know about you, but I am starting to feel like the red ones make the perfect dress coat, it is almost like the red is a neutral. The perfect, goes with everything, neutral, red, dressy coat. Hahaha…so many things that should contradict each other in that last sentence but nope…it is exactly right.

This Spearmint was made by Lady Katza of Peanut Butter Macrame. Check out how well her hair color goes with the coat! Love!

click picture for source

I love the popped collar pictures…it really shows how dramatic the collar can be!

click picture for source

click picture for source

Click over to Lady Katza’s blog post to see what she loves about the pattern, and what she will change next time.  She was very helpful while testing this pattern because she helped me realize that the pockets were way too low..(see her pic on the blog) and that the sleeves were too long. Guess what? Thanks to her and all the other testers, those are all fixed in the final pattern!  That is why pattern testers are so crucial to getting the best pattern possible to the printer. The final version has pockets in a much better place and the sleeve length has been corrected.

Tomorrow we have a great tutorial popping up on the blog that will help when you make Spearmint. All the tester versions of Spearmint have not been featured yet, but we will take a break for a couple of days to get some other posts up, specifically the tutorial and to announce the Sugar Plum contest winner!  Fear not! More Spearmints will be featured soon…..

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  1. I like the black satin swirl lining. Its sexy with the red coat and hood.

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