May 282013

Well, as you all know by now, Google Reader is disappearing. So that means we need to find a new way to follow our favorite blogs. Naturally, Bloglovin’ seems to be where everyone is turning to. We made sure to claim our blog and you can now follow us via Bloglovin’.

Follow our blog with Bloglovin

I read all of my blogs via my smartphone, an Android Bionic. The Bloglovin’ phone app makes you click the link on each blog excerpt to go to the full page—with the millions of blogs I follow, that would take forever! So I tried Feedly next. So far, this one works great. You merely sign in with your google information and it automatically imports all your blogs from Google Reader. The mobile app is pretty good as well. You can scroll right through all the posts without having to link to each post separately.

Hopefully you have found a substitute reader or way of reading blogs that you like. If you use Bloglovin’, make sure to use the link above to follow us! Our next pattern, Sugar Plum, is only a few days from being released to testers—more details in the next post! ¬†Then when the testers return feedback, we can send to the printer. So make sure you follow us because I promise you do not want to miss all that exciting stuff!

Have any of you tried any other substitutes? Does everyone read their blog list on their phone whenever they catch a minute or is it just me?


  8 Responses to “How will you read your blogs now?”

  1. I went through the whole “OMG what will I use now Google Reader is going” thing a short while ago. Feedly and Bloglovin were my two top contenders and honestly I thought feedly would win out by a mile as I loved its whole appearance more. But guess what? I get a email every day or so from Bloglovin highlighting all the posts published from my blog list, so that’s what I return to day after day through my IPhone.

  2. I am a huge Feedly fan. I started using it when I got my galaxy phone.

    • It’s working well so far….I guess it was just a matter of getting used to it. They made an update so I can read from oldest to newest…I found that a huge improvement!

  3. I read that there will be another good reader alternative before they shut down Google Reader in July, but for now Feedly is working for me. I just use it in Firefox because the Chrome app has access to your browser history, which I’m not a huge fan of. I totally agree that Bloglovin’ is lame. I follow so many blogs, I hate when people have their entries cut off and I have to click through to get the full post!

  4. I definitely have found Feedly to be the best… I did a quick try of the top results from searches and here are the results:
    EldonLabs – very difficult to figure out. It was an easy import from GoogleReader, but then all of the posts were listed as “read, nothing new” even though there were clearly new posts I have not read.
    feedly – best one yet. Great layout, easy import, has an app for my phone.
    g2reader – This was a little more complicated for import/export. Had to manually export and pull a file and import, and that took a while. When it’s finally done loading, it looks alright on the computer browser, but it’s reeeaaaaally slow.
    NewsBlur – There’s a waiting list?! Boo! Apparently there are 486 people in front of me, so I need to wait for access, and even then it’s only minimal. They ask for a fee to receive “all access,” so I’m assuming only a few pages can be subscribed, and if that, only limited number of entries will be displayed. No thanks.

    Consensus? Feedly.

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