Dec 132013

The feature Spearmint for today was made by Heather of Handmade by Heather B. Check out this fabric! The color looks amazing on her…and she matches it perfectly with her red lipstick!

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Heather’s blog post talks about the alterations she made, goes into detail about fabric choices for Spearmint, her bound buttonhole, and the fun of a dramatic collar!

More pictures? Here you go!

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Woo! Check out that lining. It looks awesome with her fabric…but you have to click over to her blog to see the closeup!

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I love this back shot. I think it shows how beautifully the coat flows with its skirt and how nicely the collar sits.

So head on over to her post and see all the rest!

I am so lucky these testers turned out such wonderful Spearmints! They were all so helpful with the testing of this pattern, and the finished Spearmint that is for sale is 100% better off thanks to all their advice and feedback!

Don’t worry…we still have more tester versions to show you!  I’ll be back tomorrow with another.

Don’t forget that Spearmint is 15% off until Monday in the shop for pre-sale. All orders with Spearmint in them will ship on Monday. Want even more of a discount?  You can get all 3 physical patterns (Sugar Plum, Gunmetal, and Spearmint) in  Limited Edition Three Pack Set for more than 15% off!

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