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How is everyone’s Fuchsia coming along? We would love to see pictures!

When we left off, we had the skirt in two pieces–front and back. Today we will be finishing the edges and sewing the right side seam. The next post will be a detailed invisible zipper tutorial for the left side seam. It may seem like just sewing a side seam should be easy, but this might be the hardest step! Matching up the scallops is a little tricky so I will try to explain it as well as possible.

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Finishing the Edges

First thing I did after we left off in the last sew-along post was to stitch the side seams down within the seam line to hold all the scallops in place. First I pinned all the layers lined up together so they did not slip and then I sewed from below the waistband to below the second tier about 1/8-1/4 inch from the edge.

Lolita Patterns Fuchsia Sew-Along 5_1

Now all the layers are held in place. Next, you can either finish the edges now, or sew it together and then finish the edges. If you finish now, you can press the seam open. If you serge the seam together after it is sewn, you need to press the seam to one side. It really depends on your method. I serge everything I can. Nhi finished her edges with seam binding.

Lolita Patterns Fuchsia Sew-Along 5_2

Lolita Patterns Fuchsia Sew-Along 5_3

At this time, you should also finish the edges of the left side seam where the zipper will be installed. Finish the left side seam edges with your preferred method and we will install the zipper on the next post.

Sewing the Right Side Seam

The hard part about sewing the right side seam is making sure the waistband and all the scallops match up so that the scallop line is continuous all the way around the skirt. To do this, I use a lot of pins to specifically line up the match points. If it is more comfortable for you, you might even want to hand baste all the intersections to make sure they line up exactly. I tried to take some pictures of how I line everything up and pin but some of it is hard to see. Hopefully this helps.

Lolita Patterns Fuchsia Sew-Along 5_9

Lolita Patterns Fuchsia Sew-Along 5_5

Pin exactly through the waistband on both layers

Lolita Patterns Fuchsia Sew-Along 5_7

Lolita Patterns Fuchsia Sew-Along 5_9

Hand baste or use several other pins to hold it in place. Make sure you pin the waistband at least as far in as the seam allowance, otherwise, the edges might match up and it could skew farther in. In the pictures above, you can see I am making sure I pin exactly at 3/8″ inch and through the exact seam line.

For pinning the scallops, I like to pin the actual scallops to each other first, and then match up the edges. I hope this is making sense :)

Lolita Patterns Fuchsia Sew-Along 5_8

It is hard to tell, but in the above picture, I am lining up the matching scallops together to pin them together first. Then I will match up the edges and pin those just as we did with the waistband seam. Again, if matching seams is not your strong suit, please hand baste first. It might be easier in the long run.

Because I refuse to hand baste (any handwork actually…unless it is shank buttons) I end up using a lot of pins to make sure it matches when sewing this seam.

Lolita Patterns Fuchsia Sew-Along 5_10

If one of the scallops does not match after you finish, you can unpick just that part of the seam and realign with pins or hand basting and then sew it again instead of re-sewing the entire seam if the rest of them match well. On some sizes the scallop will be meeting in the middle, such as my size, and on other sizes, the seam goes in the valley of the scallop, as in the fuchsia Fuchsia of Nhi’s below. We haven’t shown you this version but trust me when I tell you it is sooo cute! I love how she used a black lining and has it peeking out of the edges.

Lolita Patterns Fuchsia Sew-Along 5_11

side seam attaches in between the scallops

Lolita Patterns Fuchsia Sew-Along 5_12

side seams meet in the middle of the scallop

Phew! That is probably the hardest part of the skirt. We will need to do it one more time with the zipper but for some reason, I think it is easier with the zipper since I can mark the match points? Maybe I am crazy!

Let us know if you need some help or have any questions. Leave us a comment and let us know how your Fuchsia is coming along!

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  5 Responses to “Fuchsia Sew-Along #5: Finishing the edges, and sewing the right side seam”

  1. I really like how you have embedded links in the text to give the user an opportunity to return to the previous or next post in the sew along.

    I did see the links at the very bottom of the page that allow for the same type of navigation, but I did not see them until quite late in the sew along. So it’s good that you got everyone covered with links in the text.

    OKAY, then, I’m getting ready to sew the right side and I read it might be tricky! So thanks for that warning. Extreme caution ahead!

    Btw, your site layout is quite well done. By that I mean I can usuallly get to wherever I want to go fairly easily. The mapping is intuitive–it makes sense.

    • We love that kind of feedback! When we set everything up, we thought a lot about what we like and dislike about other sites and how we could improve upon it. It is good to know that it is a success!

  2. Done! I finished this step! Onward!

    Three of the side seams were exactly the same length, but a 4th one was about 1/2 inch too long so I had to do a bit of on-the-fly modifying. Next time, I will be sure to check the lengths of what will become the side seams at an early stage to make sure I am on track.

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