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Welcome to the Fuchsia Sew-Along! Today we will cover how to pick the right size, printing and putting together your pattern, as well as cutting the fabric, lining, and interfacing. Since this is our first sew-along, we are counting on all of you to tell us what pace works best for you. So let us know if we are going too slow, too fast, or just right. Also, please post in progress or finished pics in the Fuchsia Flickr Group. We want to see what you are making!

Still need to get your pattern? Pick it up for free right here in the shop!

Picking Your Size

The sizing chart for the Fuchsia is very simple because it only needs one measurement–your waist! This is not a tight skirt so the hip measurement is not crucial. This pattern is designed to sit two inches below the waist and has a curved waistband for a nice fit. The sizing chart includes both waist measurement, and finished garment measurement so you can decide which size based on how you like your skirts to fit. Each finished garment waist measurement is two inches larger than the actual waist measurement. This is for two reasons: 1) The skirt fits two inches below your waist where the measurement is larger, and 2) Wearing ease is built in so you can move while wearing the skirt. The skirt would be awfully constricting if the finished measurement were the same as your waist measurement. It would constantly ride up to find your actual waist and it would be difficult for you to sit!

Fuchsia Sizing Chart

Because this skirt only requires your waist measurement, it should be fairly easy to pick your size. If you go by your waist measurement, you should not have any problems. If you suspect you might, take a garment you know you like the fit of that fits two inches below your waist, and measure that garment. Then pick your size based on the finished garment measurement and it should fit exactly the same. Still have questions about sizing? Leave a comment here or send us an email.

Printing Your Pattern

After you receive your download, you can open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Next thing is to print the pattern. First, only print page 1. Make sure when you are printing that you have the page scaling set to NONE. You do not want the settings to say fit to page or auto-shrink. You want to make sure it says none. Then to test that it is printing correctly, you measure the test square on the page one that you printed. The test square should measure 4 inches by 4 inches exactly. If the test square does then you are all set! Go ahead and print out the rest of the pattern using those same printer settings.

Our pattern has cute skulls on each edge of each page so that matching up the pattern is a breeze. To make it even easier, these skulls have numbers on their crossbones so that you can make sure you have the right pages meeting each other.

When I put a pdf pattern together, I cut off the right and bottom sides of each page.

 Lolita Patterns Fuchsia pdf download

Next,  line them up following the numbers on the skulls and making sure the lines match.

Lolita Patterns Fuchsia pdf download 2

Then use tape or a glue stick to put the pattern together. Once you tack all the pages together, your pattern is completed! Still having trouble putting your pattern together? Leave a comment here or email us for help, or visit this great tutorial Tilly has for putting together a pdf pattern.

Cutting Your Fabric

I am all about saving time when cutting my fabric. So I like to do layers whenever possible. For this pattern, you can use either the lengthwise or crosswise grain. However you get your pattern to fit will work well. We have tried it every possible way. Even putting some pieces on the lengthwise grain and some on the crosswise grain and this skirt still looks wonderful. When I made this pattern, I used a size 2. The smaller the size, the shorter the pieces. So I was able to fold over just enough of my fabric to be enough for the longest piece. You can see this below. I only folded over enough fabric for my longest piece.

Lolita Patterns Fuchsia pdf download 3

The great thing about this pattern is that all the edges are straight! This means you can butt all the pieces up next to each other and save some fabric.

I layered my folded over lining on the bottom, and then my folded fashion fabric on top.

Lolita Patterns Fuchsia pdf download 4   Lolita Patterns Fuchsia pdf download 5

Lolita Patterns Fuchsia pdf download 6

Next, I line up all my pieces on the fold.

Lolita Patterns Fuchsia pdf download 7

And butt them up against each other like you saw in the first photo about cutting the fabric.

But my way is only one way of cutting fabric! Nhi likes to really maximize her fabric usage and cut in single layers. She traces the pattern off into full pieces so the piece is one very long pattern piece that you do not cut on the fold. This way she can lay out full sized pieces on a single layer and not have to worry about folding the fabric.

Lolita Patterns Fuchsia pdf download 8

The point here is that there are so many ways of doing things that there is no one right way! Hopefully, between the two of us, we can show you a way that will work for you. The reason Nhi and I make such a good team is that we do things so differently! When we made Tina’s eyelet Fuchsia, we folded the fabric in from both sides so that the selvages met in the center. Be creative, and do what works for you.

As far as cutting the actual fabric goes, I am a firm believer in using my rotary cutter…especially when the fabric is slippery which is the case for my polyester taffeta you see above. I use weights to hold the pieces down and then my rotary cutter to cut the pieces. You can see my “weights” in the above picture. My phone, water bottle, pin holder– anything I have handy!

Nhi uses weights and cuts with scissors. If you put enough weights on the fabric, it will not move, even when cutting with scissors. Nhi proved this by using the most slippery polyester satin you could possibly imagine. We tried out the most difficult fabrics to make sure we were able to help with any issue that may arise!

The last part you will have to cut is the waistband pieces and interfacing. Don’t forget to cut 2 of each waistband piece on the fold. And then 1 out of interfacing–also on the fold. Also, save some interfacing scraps for us to use on high stress places such as the zipper. We will cover that in the next post.

Lolita Patterns Fuchsia pdf download 9

Now you are done with cutting!

The next sew-along post will cover the last odds and ends we must do before sewing. This includes, fusing interfacing, transferring the markings to the fabrics and finishing edges. We are planning on posting this on Wednesday, February 13. Do you think you will be ready by then?? Please give us feedback on the speed you want this sew-along to go. We want to make sure everyone can follow along!

Any questions? Email us or leave a comment! Still need your pattern? Click here to go directly to the shop where you can pick up your free pattern!

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  7 Responses to “Fuchsia Sew-Along #1: Picking your size, printing your pattern, and cutting fabric”

  1. Hi, I measured my waist and it is 76 cm – right between two sizes. What size should I cut?
    Thankx for helping me out!

    • You will probably be fine sewing up an 8 because there is a little extra room but just to be sure, check the measurements of the waistband of a skirt or pants that you like the fit of and compare it to the finished garment measurement on the chart. It may be that you prefer things slightly looser and the 10 is the right size for you. I prefer my clothes more fitted, so I go smaller when I am in between sizes. Let us know what you decide after measuring something from your closet!

  2. Hi! Can I start tomorrow? I’ve just found you and already downloaded the pattern but… I have no printer at home, I have to wait tomorrow to print!
    If I can sew-along with you, I’m going to read the instruction above, putting your button on my blog (sergerpepper.blogspot.it), following you and picking a fabric from my stash, all right now :)

    • You bet! These posts will always remain up so people can join in at their convenience! I can’t wait to see what you make!

      • Ok, thank you! I picked a gingham red and white for the exterior fabric and a white for the inside. I’m going to cut today an share some photo on flickr album, ok?
        Can I link them from my blog and talk about it? I’ve never made a sew-along so I don’t know “the rules” so sorry if it’s a silly qwuestion!!!!

        • Yes of course! Talk about it as much as you want and post as many pictures as you feel comfortable. The sew-along is completely casual and any and all questions and ideas are welcome! Your fabric sounds super cute!

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