Sep 012015

Remember Sew Indie Month from last year? That awesome month where many independent pattern companies got together and hosted a huge month of contests and sew-alongs? Well it is back! And this month it is better than ever. Before I get into all the details, everything related to Sew Indie Month is taking place over at Mari from Seamster Patterns (the genius engineer behind Sew Indie Month and the bundle sales) took over this domain for SIM. Go visit the website to get all the details about the exciting things we have in store for you this month!

Many of you already participated in the first bundle sale that included our Sugar Plum dress and the proceeds went to the International Folk Art Alliance. Now it is time for the second bundle sale! This bundle is mostly knit patterns to make up fast and easy for the contests. This bundle is also an amazing value! Not only that, you get to pick the price you pay AND 20% of proceeds go to Women for Women, which helps women dealing with violence, marginalization, and poverty due to war and conflict. Grab it quick! This bundle is only around from September 1-September 10th.

You can buy the bundle and keep up to date with the latest SIM news at

Also, in order to make it easier for you to participate in the contests and sew up Lolita Patterns, I am having a massive sale for PDF (immediate) patterns. Take 40% off all PDF patterns for the month of September and sew those babies up, enter the contests, and win amazing prizes! We have never had a sale on PDF patterns and never had such a huge discount! Take advantage of it while you can! Use the code SIM40OFF to save 40% on all PDF patterns.

Stay tuned for more exciting SIM posts featuring tutorials and guests—-starting tomorrow!

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May 122014

I am happy to finally introduce you to our latest pattern, Olive. Olive envelope front olive line drawing

Olive is a beautiful blouse that plays with fabric texture to create a striking look. View A features a beautiful draping sheer fabric combined with a stable solid that produces a unique look. The sheer cowl overlay and soft flounces draw attention to the gorgeous blend of fabric textures. The waistband combined with the pleated peplum adds shaping to the garment. View B eliminates the sheer fabric to provide a fantastic all-around basic blouse perfect for pairing with suits, skirts, and pants.

Lolita Patterns | Olive

In the photos here, I am wearing View A. I will also be sharing with you some fabulous versions of View B in the coming weeks. This blouse is so versatile and so unique…I love all the ways you can play around with fabric pairings and texture with this pattern. Olive is now available for sale! And the timing is perfect because we have a 15% off all physical patterns sale going on right now for Sewing Indie Month…and that includes Olive! Just use coupon code sewing15indie and the discount will show in your cart.

Lolita Patterns | Olive

That isn’t all. We decided to launch a limited two pack set so customers can save when buying two patterns. This two pack set is not part of the Sewing Indie coupon code because it is already discounted. But don’t worry, the two pack will still be around after the sale ends so you can still save when buying multiple patterns.

Lolita Patterns | Olive

Both views of Olive use small amounts of fabric when you cut in a single layer so it is great for small remnants and special fabrics. You can see all yardage chart information on the Olive pattern page.

We also have exciting news: Olive will be launched with a blog tour of various sewing bloggers around the world starting tomorrow! Here is a list of the bloggers participating this week.

Three Dresses

Handmade by Carolyn



Quirky Pretty Cute

Made With Hugs and Kisses

Instead of a sew-along with Olive, we have chosen the trickiest parts and decided to feature tutorials on how to do them best. Each time we post an Olive tutorial, we will post a link on the Olive pattern page so they are all collected in one place. We will also feature hacks for the pattern including making Olive in a knit, using lace, and even making the top into a v-neck!  I can’t wait for you all to see it!

The pattern comes in both physical pattern and PDF form. The PDF version includes both tiled PDF versions and print shop versions.

Don’t forget that the Sewing Indie discount code (sewing15indie) is only good through 11:59pm Pacific Time Zone on May 19th, 2014!

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Sewing Indie Interview on Soma Patterns Blog

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May 112014

Today we have our second Sewing Indie post. I partnered up with Soma Patterns by Sylvie P and she interviewed me about Lolita Patterns for her blog. Go ahead and click over to get the scoop on behind the scenes at Lolita Patterns!

Let’s talk about how cool Soma Patterns is for a minute. They make patterns with zero waste! The patterns are designed to use all the fabric so there are no unnecessary and wasteful scraps left behind. Not only is this such a great idea, the patterns are also very practical and fashionable!

Check out their new FloriAnn Skirt:

click for source


They even have a link to show you sneak peeks of their upcoming patterns.  Soma Patterns was a new company to me that I learned about while preparing for Sewing Indie Month and I am so glad I did! I love learning about new pattern companies.

I hope you are all enjoying Sewing Indie Month.  We still have some more posts coming up this month partnered with Sewn Square One and Sew Caroline!

Also don’t forget about the pattern sale going on to support Sewing Indie Month! Use code sewing15indie to save 15% off all physical patterns!

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May 072014

I’m sure you have all heard about Sewing Indie Month by now and seen all the great independent pattern companies that are participating. One of the great things that this month brings is the big sew-along that features over $1,000 in prizes! Check out Mari’s post to get all the details.


To make it easier for you to participate, we have a 15% off all physical patterns discount going on until 11:59 Pacific Time Zone on May 19th, 2014. And stay tuned, because there just might be a new pattern release hidden in those dates that will also be eligible for the discount! Just use discount code sewing15indie to save 15% on all physical patterns! Go ahead and take advantage of the discount at the shop and enter the first Sewing Indie contest!

I hope you are all enjoying Sewing Indie Month as much as I am! Good luck with the contest…I can’t wait to see all the fantastic garments you all make!

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Mar 042014

How many of you have ordered from Fabric Mart Fabrics in the past? I’ve been on their email list for years and cannot resist all the amazing prices and sales they have! They even have a great discount code for your first order! When I realized they also carry a select amount of indie patterns, I knew I had to contact them about Lolita Patterns. Luckily, they tried out the patterns and wanted to carry them!  I think I have used a piece of fabric I bought from Fabric Mart in at least one of the samples for every pattern.

Fabric Mart now carries all Lolita Patterns!  The best part? When you order your fabric, you pay a flat rate for shipping…and that shipping stays the same even when you add patterns to your order! No extra shipping charges ordering a pattern from a separate can get everything at once on Fabric Mart’s website!


My favorite part is that Fabric Mart separates all their fabrics by category–and even makes their categories very detailed! For example, anything in the coating category would be perfect for Spearmint!  Their mesh category is ideal for Gunmetal…I love that they have a separate section for that. Their ponte section is exactly what you need for the skirt section of Sugar Plum. And any of the silkschiffon, or challis’ (not wool) work for the top portion.

I just wanted to give you all a heads up now that Fabric Mart carries Lolita Patterns so you can order both your fabric and pattern at the same time!  New vendors coming soon…stay tuned!

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Dec 192013

Today is my birthday!  I woke up this morning and decided it would be fun to have a 12 hour sale for my birthday. I’m thinking 31% off all physical patterns? What do you think? It is crazy to think I am 31 years old right now…the last year just flew by! So many exciting new changes kept me so busy that I barely noticed my birthday coming up. It is easy for it to get lost in the shuffle since it is around the holidays and things get crazy.


But I didn’t forget it! And now we have a sale! All individual physical patterns will be 31% off their full price for 12 hours, from noon today until midnight Pacific Time Zone. Use the code happy31birthday to save!  This does not include the Three Pack Set, however, buying all three individually with the birthday discount actually results in a much deeper discount than the Three Pack Set anyway!

Here are the details: Coupon code is valid worldwide on orders of individual physical pattern orders placed through Coupon code can only be used once, and expires at midnight Pacific Time Zone on Thursday, December 19th. All individual physical patterns are included in this promotion. All sales are final.

Thanks again everyone for all your support! Enjoy the one day sale!

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Oct 092013

I have some new and exciting news to share with you!  Various changes have been occurring behind the scenes at Lolita Patterns recently.

Lolita Patterns began out of a friendship fostered through Pattern Review and a need for more advanced, professional wear patterns. We both worked in the corporate world and wanted more fashion forward, work appropriate clothes. We worked together for months to develop some wonderful pattern ideas and packaging. The more we did, the more I realized I loved being able to do this and wanted to devote more time to it. Since then, I have stopped taking on new clients and do Lolita Patterns nearly full time! By doing this, I am able to provide more posts and more patterns! Watch for some spectacular new patterns coming soon. I want this to become my livelihood, and am excited to start this new chapter in my life.

With these new changes comes some good news and some sad news. The sad news is Nhi recently left the company. I was sad to see her go but understood that it was for the best. She makes beautiful garments and provides invaluable advice and insight. Lolita Patterns will definitely miss her.

We also have some good news! A new member is joining the Lolita Patterns team. She will be helping with blogging and social media as well as hosting the pattern sew-alongs. You all know her…help me welcome Leila from Three Dresses!

Lolita Patterns | Leila

Leila was one of the testers for Sugar Plum and made a gorgeous version of view A. You can check her post about it on her blog. We bonded over a love of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Spike. Anyone who understands the wonderfulness that is BTVS and Spike is immediately my best friend!

Lolita Patterns | Sugar Plum

We have been brainstorming cool ideas and scheming fun new concepts to bring to Lolita Patterns. And it all starts soon. She will be hosting the Sugar Plum sew-along and already has some fantastic ideas and wonderful tips to share. I also want to thank everyone so much for your welcoming reception to Sugar Plum as well as the Houndstooth kit. Leila and I can’t wait to see what you all dream up during the sew-along starting October 27th!

We are so glad to have you with us and we can’t wait to show you what we are going to do next!

Don’t forget that the code to get 15% off the physical version of Sugar Plum expires tomorrow! Use code sugar15plum to save 15%!

Also the Sugar Plum themed giveaway is going on now!

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Sep 172013

There has been some talk around the blog world about a post by Colette Patterns where they explained why they do not have plus size patterns. You can see this post here. While I thought they did a great job explaining how having a second set of sizes doubles the work, many people found the post offensive. There are tons of comments on the post. I wanted to bring it up here because Lolita Patterns does exactly what Colette Patterns addresses in the post. Lolita Patterns | Sizing Chart They explain that to do plus sizes, they would literally double their work. This is so very true! At Lolita Patterns, we sew two sets of sample sizes, draft two separate blocks, have two separate fittings for each sample size, grade two separate patterns, etc. It does truly add twice as much work. We wrote a post about why we chose to do that back here. It is a post specifically on the sizing at Lolita Patterns. We knew that the indie pattern market was severely lacking in patterns in the larger sizes and wanted to make sure we offered those. When we did the research, and learned all the extra work, we decided it was too important not to do. Many people choose their pattern size based on their high bust measurement because otherwise the rest of the garment is way too baggy. By making a separate block and using separate grading rules, this problem is gone!

Lolita Patterns | Unique Sizing

a quick glimpse of what we explained on our past sizing post

We have worked from the very beginning on making sure we can provide all these extras without making the patterns cost an exorbitant amount. There are some comments on the Colette Patterns post explaining there are other companies that go to the larger sizes but end up having to charge $30 per pattern! While I understand where they are coming from, making multiple sets of sizes is more work than just one set of sizes, we worked hard to keep the cost down when setting up our original business plan. We included both sets of sizing from the beginning so our budget and what we could offer was decided around those goals. How did you feel about Colette Patterns post? Did you know Lolita Patterns specifically addresses the problem they posted about?

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Sew That’s Why: Lolita Patterns Packaging

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Sep 072013
Lolita Patterns | Packaging

The pattern envelope is the next topic on our behind the scenes series.   From Papercut to By Hand London creative packaging is everywhere in the indie pattern world.  Lolita Patterns will be no exception.


By Hand London

First up, the practicality of the envelope. This is my area of expertise.  We wanted an envelope that was durable, had great restuffability (I made up that word, but you get what I mean) and was easy to store and find in your pattern stash but also fit our aesthetic as a company.  I incorporated parts of our logo into the packaging itself. At first we had planned to have a gusset and an envelope that just fit the contents.  Like a gusseted version of a Sewaholic pattern envelope.  After discussing this with our printer, the gusset we wanted was too small to be machine glued.  So out went the gusset idea.  After numerous samples and mock ups, we ended up with a more spacious envelope, made with very sturdy cover stock and re-closeable flap.  We are also color coding each envelope flap to so that you can see find the pattern quickly even if it is in a stack of patterns.

Lolita Patterns | Packaging

Now onto the creative look of the envelope.  This is Amity’s wheel house.  The cover has a beautiful fashion illustration by our very talented illustrator, Jen Dodson.  Her website can be found at  The cover models are wearing a very fashion forward take on the pattern.  Amity scours the fashion websites to find the exact right clothing and accessories to go on each model. The cover model is also accessorized and styled for a head to toe look.

Lolita Patterns | Packaging

Sew that’s why we ended up with our pattern envelope features.  As Amity mentioned on her post about our delays, the envelope is our final hurdle in releasing Sugar Plum or any future pattern.  We’re so happy with our pattern envelope and hope you’ll love it, too.

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Aug 102013

We wanted to update you on the status of Sugar Plum and its release date. We were hoping it would be ready by now but it is not quite there yet and we want to explain why. The physical patterns are here! The physical instructions are here! Everything should be ready to go right?  Not quite. We hit a snafu in our packaging. We have been working with a special packaging company since January to produce the exact perfect packaging for our patterns. Extremely durable yet cute and cost effective. We can’t wait to share it with you! Unfortunately, we have hit some scheduling delays with the packaging company that is preventing us from being able to ship out the pattern and instructions that are sitting in boxes waiting!  As soon as the packaging issue works itself out, we will definitely be putting the physical pattern up for sale.

In the meantime, we were wondering, would you all prefer to have the PDF pattern for sale until the paper pattern is fully ready? If you all are interested in getting the PDF or print shop version of the pattern now, we could certainly put it up for sale. Our original intent was to put them all up at once. What do you all think?

Lolita Patterns | PDF Pattern

pdf pattern sneak peek

Rest assured, we have so many exciting things in the works! Nhi and I spent an entire day running all over the hot garment district carrying humongous bolts of fabric and supplies so we could put together the cutest kits for Sugar Plum for you all. You should have seen us wandering around carrying bolts of fabric. Both Nhi and I are very tiny! All these chivalrous men kept offering us help. How sweet! Also coming up— we have already got three more patterns in the works!

Lolita Patterns | Fabric Swatches

sample fabric swatches

The good news is that we won’t have this packaging snafu ever again in the future. The set up and sample parts are all behind us so in the future, we won’t have this delay. So I hope this update helps explain a little more about what it is like to start an independent sewing pattern company. We will be doing a post specifically on the packaging where we can explain how we went about finding a packaging company, designing it, working with manufacturers and printers and the final outcome.

Please let us know what you think about offering PDF and print shop versions before the paper patterns. We are always interested in hearing what you think! If you think it is a good idea, we do too!

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Jul 202013

This is another post in our series of posts on starting an indie pattern company.  If you missed the previous posts on our sizing or pattern paper, you can catch up here!

Now let’s talk about pattern instructions… Sometimes you can’t live with them, sometimes you can’t live without them.  I don’t claim to be anything resembling an instruction expert because I don’t read pattern instructions.  As you can see from my Me Made May pic wearing Simplicity’s 2760 that I didn’t read how to wear my coat right side out and to match the button with the button holes.

Lolita Patterns | Sewing Instructions
Since our patterns are a bit more complex than average, going without instructions a la Marfy was not something we wanted to do.  So what to do?  Since we were initially inspired by Japanese Lolita street fashion, we wanted heavily illustrated, minimal written instructions like the Japanese sewing books.  This would appeal to sewers from all countries as there would be no language barrier or translation issues.


Lolita Patterns | Sewing Instructions
Seriously… what where we thinking?  Some of the steps are so tricky we couldn’t even describe them to each other.  Most notable is the Sugar Plum steps that enclosed the zipper in the lining all on the sewing machine aka the “3 layer thingy” and the “sew the X part” with some arm flailing gestures.

Lolita Patterns | Sewing Instructions

Numerous versions later, we have what we think is a nice balance of written instructions and illustrations.  And I can’t forget to mention that we’ll also do sew-alongs to show all the nitty gritty details and tips we picked up along the way.

To make sure we had enough room to give complete and thorough instructions with detailed illustrations, we had to eliminate something. After much discussion and surveys, we realized that many people do not follow cutting layouts. Removing the cutting layouts provided us with the extra room we needed. But what if you like to follow cutting layouts? Have no fear! We will go over potential cutting layouts during the sew-along. Also, each piece is labeled with how many pieces to cut and we have an additional helpful tool called cutting labels (which we will reveal in another post!) to help you cut out the pattern perfectly.

We were very happy to see that  so many of our testers were able to sew together Sugar Plum despite some oopsies on our part.  We can’t thank our guinea pigs testers enough.

Lolita Patterns | Sewing Instructions

Instructions proof!

Our instruction proof has been approved and is now printing.   We’re so excited to be one step closer to releasing our pattern.  Our next big hurdle is the packaging.  More to come…

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Sew That’s Why: Tissue Paper vs. Bond Paper — and the other options!

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Jun 272013

Here is another post where we look at the reasons behind certain decisions we make as a pattern company. You can see other posts in this series here. This post has to do with printing.

A big hurdle from the beginning was packaging. We had such a distinct idea of what we wanted that we had to search high and low to find what we wanted—and find it at a reasonable price. Same goes for the pattern. In the beginning, we were very adamant about wanting to print on bond paper like the old Kwik Sews and not use tissue. It turns out, that the largest size that gets printed on bond paper is 28″ x 40″ unless you pay an arm and a leg for them to open up the giant machine—and we were especially conscientious about keeping the price as low as we could because any extra we pay on paper or packaging, of course in turn gets passed on into the price of the pattern.

Lolita Patterns | Sew That's Why

Sneak peek!

The problem with that size paper is that it ends up being too small. Our patterns are intermediate to more advanced and tend to have a lot of pieces. We also develop our patterns in a large amount of sizes. (See our previous post for more information) If we printed on that size paper, we might have 7-10 pieces trying to fit into the packaging. Yikes!! That was definitely not going to work.

We are still looking at various creative options, but for now we have decided to go with tissue as it is economical price wise, has a much larger print size, and folds up thin enough to fit in the packaging. However, we know that many people prefer bond paper, and as a result decided to also provide our patterns in PDF as well as print shop format. This allows the user to have the pattern on bond paper either by printing at home or taking it to a copy shop to print. We are doing our best to accommodate a wide variety of people. We hope that one of these options will work for you!

While this is the option we are using for the first couple of patterns, we are still researching an interesting idea that may come to fruition down the road. We hope that our next post in this series will debut our packaging! Stay tuned!

amity bow | Lolita Patterns


Jun 122013

Here is the first post in our behind the scenes look at the reasoning behind the decisions we make for the company. We wrote briefly before about how we wanted to explain how we ended up with each of our decisions and specifically, that the first post would discuss our unique sizing model.

When Amity and I started talking about what we wanted from a pattern company, one of our first goals was to have a large size range to fit all women.   After much debate and numerous revisions on what this really meant, we settle on 2 sizes ranges:   2-14 and 16-24.

While doing our research, it didn’t look like many pattern companies did larger sizes.  There are definitely companies out there just not as many.  Speaking to many others, there seemed to be an unmet need.  But to do larger sizes correctly, we had to establish different grading rule than our regular grading rules.

Lolita Patterns | Unique Sizing

To us, this was the right thing to do vs having the same grading rules from 2 to 24 which would have been much more cost effective.  The reason for the different block and grade rules is that as we ladies gain fluff some things get bigger (neck, armholes etc) but not that big.

Lolita Patterns | Unique Sizing

If we kept the same grading rules for the regular sizes and kept grading we would get linebacker shoulders, weight lifter neck and 80’s men’s tank top armholes.

Lolita Patterns | Unique Sizing

With the 2 different blocks, we have to sew 2 different samples, do different fitting sessions and many more things that cost more time, money and energy.  In the end, we think it is worth the investment.  We’re very proud of our sizing and grading and hope that our potential consumers will feel the same.

Sew that’s why we have this sizing range.

Lolita Patterns | Sizing Chart

Next time up we will address paper decisions….specifically tissue vs. bond vs. other options.  Stay tuned!

Please let us know if you like these posts and find them interesting. We are doing this series because we find it interesting learning about why other companies make certain decisions. We hope you do too!

EDITED TO ADD: There is a follow up to this post you can read here. It provides an update on our sizing and how the blogging world reacts.

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Jun 022013

First off, thank you all so much for responding about being a tester for Sugar Plum. We are still compiling all the information and organizing which sizes are still needed, etc and will get back to all of you soon. But it seems like I was not very clear about what kind of garment Sugar Plum is. It is the dress I am wearing in the picture on the previous post.

#3013 Sugar Plum

Lolita Patterns | Sugar Plum

Sugar Plum is a dress. The top part is a woven, but the skirt is a ponte or doubleknit for comfort when sitting all day at the office, or courtroom, or car. This garment is so much fun to wear because it looks so professional, yet is still comfortable. This pattern has been through all kinds of testing by Nhi and myself and the wearability factor is extremely high!  You can see based on the above line drawing that the pattern will offer two different views, for those who love their flounces, and for those who don’t. The fun thing about this pattern is its versatility. You can see that when I add a blazer, it looks like I am wearing a three piece suit! It also looks like a blouse and skirt combination….but without the hassle of finding matching pieces in the morning. It is quick and easy to just throw on a dress. It is so easy when I wear one of my Sugar Plum’s to work.

The fabrics we recommend for the top portion are lightweight wovens such as chiffon, georgette, challis, batiste, and lawn. For the bottom portion we recommend stable knits such as ponteroma and doubleknits.

I hope this clears up any confusion. After a cursory glance at the results as they come in, it looks like we still need volunteers for the larger sizes. I will know for sure after tallying up all the responses.  Thanks again for the welcoming response!

amity bow | Lolita Patterns

Jun 012013

The time has finally come to release the next pattern to testers! As I am sure you all can understand, getting the first printed pattern ready to go has not been without its bumps and hurdles. We have huge dreams, but need to be realistic when finding vendors or suppliers to implement them. In the end, we think we have found a happy solution and things should be much smoother going forward.

Since we find it very interesting reading about how companies make their decisions and why, we have decided to include you in how our decisions came about when developing this pattern company. We will be doing a series of posts explaining what we saw in the pattern company market, what changes we wanted to make, what ended up being feasible, and why we chose that particular method.

But first we need to talk about our sizing chart and setting up some testers for our pattern! Most importantly, we want to debut our official sizing chart. We will do a special in detail post on what makes our sizing so unique and why, but in the meantime I will give you some highlights.

Lolita Patterns | Sizing Chart

Lolita Patterns | Sizing Chart

We went through many drafts and edits when deciding on our official sizing. The most unique part of this sizing chart is that it uses a different block for the smaller and larger sizes. This means that we are not making one base size and grading all the way down and all the way up which results in an “Uncle Fester” type fit where the shoulders and general fit gets boxy. Instead, we chose to use a separate block for the larger sizes that takes into account the way a body actually gets larger. This way the shoulders, the armholes, and other measurements do not get grossly out of proportion. It definitely takes more work to do two separate blocks and two separate sets of grading rules, but it was important to us that our patterns fit well right out of the envelope and have enough sizes to fit a majority of women.

But to be triply sure, we want to find testers for every size who are willing to test sew up the pattern. These testers will get computer versions of both the pattern and the instructions as well as a short survey of questions. We will also need the pattern test turned around fairly quickly. We are looking at getting the pattern to you by the end of next week and are hoping for return feedback within two weeks. We want you to sew up the pattern, give feedback regarding instructions, pattern, fit, and anything else that strikes you. We also want to see a couple pictures of you in the garment.

Lolita Patterns | Sugar Plum

Amity in one of her Sugar Plum’s

After getting feedback, we will make any necessary edits and send the pattern and instructions to the printer. Then we just wait for the turnaround time and then get the pattern up for sale!

In exchange for helping us out, we want to offer you something in return! We promise you the first mailed copies of the official pattern when it is released and we also want to feature you and your garment on the blog and our other social media including the website.  We hope to find enough testers to test every size we have. If not, we will be sewing up the other sizes ourselves just to make sure there are no glaring discrepancies. We want it to be as perfect as can be the first time out and working with you all will help us get there.

The testers were are looking for are for our next pattern, Sugar Plum. One version can be seen above, but there is another view and we are happy with either version you wish to make. Also, this is a more difficult pattern so if you are a confident beginner sewer and would like to test, let us know in the comments below as the next pattern might be perfect for you to try.

If you want to test the pattern, please leave a comment here or contact us with your email, and what size you would sew up based on the sizing chart. Please keep in mind that our patterns are professional wear and have very little design ease. These patterns are very close fitting. If you are in between sizes, or like your garments to fit looser, please choose the larger size.

We also want to test all our patterns in every size so if you do not feel like you can fit this one in, or this pattern might be too advanced, we have an easier one coming up next that might be perfect for you! Throw your name in the hat as we will keep a running list.

We are so excited we finally got this far. It seems like it took forever but we are already getting the third pattern ready…it might even go out before Sugar Plum finished printing! It is so great to finally feel like the kinks are getting worked out and the beginning of a rhythm is being found. Thanks for joining us on this journey!


**UPDATED TO ADD: Sorry about the confusion surrounding what kind of garment this is! I wrote a clarification post with line drawings here. Thank you all for your response about testing! We will go through all the responses and organize what sizes we have and what we still need and will get back to you within a few days. Thanks!**

amity bow | Lolita Patterns