Dec 192013

Today is my birthday!  I woke up this morning and decided it would be fun to have a 12 hour sale for my birthday. I’m thinking 31% off all physical patterns? What do you think? It is crazy to think I am 31 years old right now…the last year just flew by! So many exciting new changes kept me so busy that I barely noticed my birthday coming up. It is easy for it to get lost in the shuffle since it is around the holidays and things get crazy.


But I didn’t forget it! And now we have a sale! All individual physical patterns will be 31% off their full price for 12 hours, from noon today until midnight Pacific Time Zone. Use the code happy31birthday to save!  This does not include the Three Pack Set, however, buying all three individually with the birthday discount actually results in a much deeper discount than the Three Pack Set anyway!

Here are the details: Coupon code is valid worldwide on orders of individual physical pattern orders placed through Coupon code can only be used once, and expires at midnight Pacific Time Zone on Thursday, December 19th. All individual physical patterns are included in this promotion. All sales are final.

Thanks again everyone for all your support! Enjoy the one day sale!

amity bow | Lolita Patterns

  17 Responses to “Birthday Sale!”

  1. Happy Birthday! I was just eyeing Spearmint after reading KidMd’s PR. By physical patterns, do you mean the discount doesn’t apply to downloads?

  2. Happy Birthday!!

  3. Happy birthday, Amity! Your birthday is the day after mine. I hope yours is MUCH better than mine. Ugh 😉

  4. Happy birthday! The thirties are the best!

  5. Happy birthday! THis is a good excuse to get my hands of SugarPlum I think!

  6. Yay! Happy Birthday- I was going to wait but I can’t turn down a good birthday sale! Hugs! Hope it was a GREAT one! ~Laurie

  7. Oh no! I just saw this and went to hit purchase on Spearmint when it said the coupon code was already expired! boo!

  8. Hope you had a great birthday!!!!

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