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In the spirit of Jungle January last year, I made a Giorgio’s Top out of red leopard print. In the spirit of Jungle January this year, I made a Giorgio’s Top out of hot pink zebra fabric!

Lolita Patterns | Giogio's Top

see my matching shoes again??

I made this immediately following my Jungle January Gunmetal. I love the way my Gunmetal turned out and it looks awesome, but when I was sewing it, I was craving color so badly. So I grabbed my hot pink shiny zebra knit and went to town!  Giorgio’s Top is an incredibly quick sew. It is only four pieces, and made entirely on the serger except for those who want to hem on your regular machine. This is my fourth version of Giorgio’s Top.

Lolita Patterns | Giorgio's Top

My best version was my first, the sparkly orange one. The slinky knit just hugs the figure better than the other knits. I made the other three out of regular knits and while they are wearable, I am not as happy as I am when I put on the original version. So from now on, I will be making this pattern out of slinky knits. I think the heavier weight makes it hug the body better around the waist. I suppose I could just sew those seams larger around the waist but it’s already done and wearable…and will be good when I gain weight since it has extra room.

Lolita Patterns | Giorgio's Top

I always make the smallest size in Silhouette Patterns and sometimes is too big. Giorgio’s Top happens to be a tiny bit roomy but it always still looks great. The peplum doesn’t flare like the photo on the pattern through…at least not in any version I have made. I actually traced off the pattern and added a 1/4″ to each side of each piece which would have added 4 inches to the bottom circumference in an attempt to make the bottom flare more, but it just looked like way too much fabric so I just stick with the original. In any case, it is still such a quick and easy sew, fits well, and looks good so I keep making them!

This hot pink zebra was a stash fabric knit that came from Fabric.com, the same place my orange sparkly slinky knit (the first Giorgio’s Top) came from…same order actually! I didn’t bother trying to make the print match at all…the zebra stripes go in all different directions anyway so I wasn’t concerned about it. Plus I needed a break from the epic horizontal stripe matching that was my Spearmint…way  back in December. I’ll blog my Spearmint in the next post!  Those of you who follow me on Instagram have seen glimpses of my pretty Marc Jacobs fabric Spearmint.

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Don’t forget that the Spearmint Sew-Along is starting February 3rd! Make sure you gather your supplies and grab your badge from the sidebar. This sew-along is going to have so many tips and photos and extras, you won’t want to miss it!

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  7 Responses to “Another Jungle January Giorgio’s Top!”

  1. This is such a fun top! I haven’t ever tried Silhouette patterns. Have you sewn many of them?

    • I’ve tried a couple…Giorgio’s top is my favorite! I like the Yoga Pants as well. When I tried the cowl neck it was too big, just need to tweak it. And then I tried Nanette’s Yoga Pants for a little color blocking but they ended up huge! So I need to tweak that also. Silhouette patterns is great for basics!

      • Thank you! I will have to try some of the patterns. :) Oh, I’m thinking of doing a hot pink Spearmint with faux leopard collar. Do you think it would be hard to change the collar to be flat, more like a shawl collar?

        • Hot pink with leopard sounds awesome! Kind of a combination of my Leopard Gunmetal and my Hot Pink Giorgio’s Top lol…love it! As far as the collar, I think the pattern is very amenable to altering the collar. Several testers have decided they are making a second version and altering the collar since the one they already have is such a statement piece. Let me know exactly what you are thinking collar wise and I am positive we can figure it out!

  2. […] are nice and large. I am wearing Spearmint here with both my Leopard Gunmetal and my hot pink zebra Giorgio’s Top. I made my version 5 inches shorter than View A in the pattern and I made a size 2. I am very […]

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