Lolita Patterns was founded in 2013 for the woman who has a bold and eccentric style but is confined by the professional wardrobes required in many work places.  Owner Amity Gleason designs all Lolita Patterns to work as essentials in your professional wardrobe with Japanese lolita style elements.

Lolita Patterns are expertly drafted and graded with sizes ranging from 2-24 to fit most women. Using separate blocks for the smaller sizes and larger sizes results in a dramatically better fit than most home sewers are accustomed to. Each pattern is designed to be created in an assortment of different fabrics with the ability to make multiple style variations from one pattern.  The unique diagram based instructions make it easy for every culture to follow along.  As each pattern comes out, Lolita Patterns produces numerous tutorials and sew-alongs on the website and blog for those who crave more details and design variations.

Lolita Patterns is not just a pattern company.  Because the company is based in the heart of the Los Angeles garment district, Lolita Patterns is able to provide you with access to special fabrics, notions and trims to help make your garments stand out and look professional. There will also be make-up and DIY accessories tutorials to help complete your Lolita Patterns look.

Lolita Patterns, lolita inspired sewing patterns for a professional wardrobe.

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  1. Good luck with your new venture. Looking forward to the “sew a-long”.

  2. Go, corporate warriors, go!! I think it’s wonderful that you started Lolita Patterns together. Good luck to you and wishing you lots of fun.

  3. I would love to get to know Lolita style. Unfortunately, getting sewing patterns and information for Japanese fashion hasn’t been easy. I look forward to what you come up with.

  4. Now I understand what you’re looking to develop with your patterns.
    Nice work Nhi and Amity.
    I wish you every success for your styles.

  5. […] loved making it. And, as usual, Amity made the instructions clear and easy to […]

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