Sep 242013

I’m coming to NY!!  I am so excited and can’t wait to do some much needed in person meet ups! And I definitely must shop the fabric district. Last time I was there I only had 4 hours so I ran to as many places as I could. This time I have days! Plural!

NY Fabric Shopping

A picture from my last quick NY trip

I’ve contacted a few peeps I know in NY but is there anyone else? I would love to meet up if even just for a drink. I will be available on October 7, 8, and 10th. I know it is weekdays but hopefully some of you can meet up!  Send me an email or message me on Twitter and let me know. I can’t wait!

Metro Textiles

Me at Metro Textiles on my last NY trip

amity bow | Lolita Patterns

Sep 172013

There has been some talk around the blog world about a post by Colette Patterns where they explained why they do not have plus size patterns. You can see this post here. While I thought they did a great job explaining how having a second set of sizes doubles the work, many people found the post offensive. There are tons of comments on the post. I wanted to bring it up here because Lolita Patterns does exactly what Colette Patterns addresses in the post. Lolita Patterns | Sizing Chart They explain that to do plus sizes, they would literally double their work. This is so very true! At Lolita Patterns, we sew two sets of sample sizes, draft two separate blocks, have two separate fittings for each sample size, grade two separate patterns, etc. It does truly add twice as much work. We wrote a post about why we chose to do that back here. It is a post specifically on the sizing at Lolita Patterns. We knew that the indie pattern market was severely lacking in patterns in the larger sizes and wanted to make sure we offered those. When we did the research, and learned all the extra work, we decided it was too important not to do. Many people choose their pattern size based on their high bust measurement because otherwise the rest of the garment is way too baggy. By making a separate block and using separate grading rules, this problem is gone!

Lolita Patterns | Unique Sizing

a quick glimpse of what we explained on our past sizing post

We have worked from the very beginning on making sure we can provide all these extras without making the patterns cost an exorbitant amount. There are some comments on the Colette Patterns post explaining there are other companies that go to the larger sizes but end up having to charge $30 per pattern! While I understand where they are coming from, making multiple sets of sizes is more work than just one set of sizes, we worked hard to keep the cost down when setting up our original business plan. We included both sets of sizing from the beginning so our budget and what we could offer was decided around those goals. How did you feel about Colette Patterns post? Did you know Lolita Patterns specifically addresses the problem they posted about?

amity bow | Lolita Patterns

Sew That’s Why: Lolita Patterns Packaging

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Sep 072013
Lolita Patterns | Packaging

The pattern envelope is the next topic on our behind the scenes series.   From Papercut to By Hand London creative packaging is everywhere in the indie pattern world.  Lolita Patterns will be no exception.


By Hand London

First up, the practicality of the envelope. This is my area of expertise.  We wanted an envelope that was durable, had great restuffability (I made up that word, but you get what I mean) and was easy to store and find in your pattern stash but also fit our aesthetic as a company.  I incorporated parts of our logo into the packaging itself. At first we had planned to have a gusset and an envelope that just fit the contents.  Like a gusseted version of a Sewaholic pattern envelope.  After discussing this with our printer, the gusset we wanted was too small to be machine glued.  So out went the gusset idea.  After numerous samples and mock ups, we ended up with a more spacious envelope, made with very sturdy cover stock and re-closeable flap.  We are also color coding each envelope flap to so that you can see find the pattern quickly even if it is in a stack of patterns.

Lolita Patterns | Packaging

Now onto the creative look of the envelope.  This is Amity’s wheel house.  The cover has a beautiful fashion illustration by our very talented illustrator, Jen Dodson.  Her website can be found at  The cover models are wearing a very fashion forward take on the pattern.  Amity scours the fashion websites to find the exact right clothing and accessories to go on each model. The cover model is also accessorized and styled for a head to toe look.

Lolita Patterns | Packaging

Sew that’s why we ended up with our pattern envelope features.  As Amity mentioned on her post about our delays, the envelope is our final hurdle in releasing Sugar Plum or any future pattern.  We’re so happy with our pattern envelope and hope you’ll love it, too.

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